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  1. This is true. The early 1800's was, actually, a time period in the U.S. where citizens taking up arms and rebelling against the Federal Government more openly than raucus protests, cowardly mass shootings, and blowing up Federal buildings, but actually standard, orthodox REBELLIONS, were actually a very real danger of happening...
  2. My convictions would not let me sell out to such a repugnant party, even with the overwhelming success they were commanding. But true political convictions are somewhat of a weak point in American politics - which is ironic for a political system that is also highly polarized and abhorring compromise.
  3. One of the stupidest wars (at least before the post-WW2 era, when wars starting becoming stupid in general) fought by either the United States or the United Kingdom - and neither got anything for it in the end. An utter embarrassment for any hawkish politician or military commander involved on either side.
  4. Frankly, both American Progressives AND Conservatives are always going to be upset and offended with everything, even if what they want is handed to them on a silver platter. The toxic, polarized, divisive, vicious, WW1 trenchline socio-political divide is, in and of itself, the REAL enemy of American politics, governance, and advancement, not one side or the other. As Abraham Lincoln famously said, "a house divided against itself cannot stand."
  5. That wouldn't matter, as it's the outgoing House and Senate, not the newly elected one.
  6. Patine


    Yes, the death there is pretty rough. Of my mother's five brothers, two passed away within the last decade, and one other is not much longer for the world. I know exactly how that feels.
  7. Mixing religion and state has always been a toxic brew, throughout recorded world history, and regardless of the religion or the state. Hence my note of concern, there.
  8. I must have jumped to conclusions. I just thought it was a rational source of concern, because it has never seemed to be an issue in U.S. executive politics (except for Washington's Cabinet, of course).
  9. There's actually an office called a Director of the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives in the U.S. Federal Government?
  10. In a Presidential system, Cabinet members are chief bureaucrats and ADVISORS to the President, and their jobs are at the President's pleasure. In a Parliamentary system, it is different, because a Cabinet has more collective power and the Prime Minister/Premier/Chancellor/First Minister/Chief Minister, etc., is, in truth, a first among equals in the Cabinet, and the Cabinet can, actually (and has, historically) ousted the chief executive, and sharp, irresolvable divisions in a Parliamentary Cabinet (especially, but not necessarily, a coalition Cabinet) can easily cause the Government to fall a
  11. Yes, platinum and palladium are a lot nicer, but cost a mint. And gold is highly overrated.
  12. These reactions sound remarkably similar to the early 18th Century Confucian Vietnamese Emperors using a few specific incidents tied to the French Roman Catholic missions to shut-down piecemeal, and eventually outlaw, Catholicism in Vietnam.
  13. I'm glad you find my prognosis of the future "funny," @ThePotatoWalrus. Humour may help you endure the troubles, tragedies, and hardships ahead, even if such mirth and laughter make you seem to others as mad as a Batman villain. :S
  14. I've been busy, actually - with RL, you know. I'm not a freewheeling kid like you, without a care in the world, and nothing but time.
  15. Samuel and Moses Maverick sound like two brothers who are characters in a Western.
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