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  1. I'm not sure I could give you the answer you desire, because I'm far from a fan of Reagan.
  2. Proportional representation, MMP, and STV options for PMI and CI are long overdue. Where are they on the queue, now @admin_270, if I may ask?
  3. I don't really care about what Lil Wayne wants. Both candidates will almost certainly disappoint African-Americans, but Trump is already and blatantly obvious that he'll do so, and good. Because he already has...
  4. There aren't very many good role models for children, nowadays. RIP, Fred Rogers (even though he's more of a father figure than direct role, he's still one of the good ones).
  5. Well, I didn't really hear about the War of the Austrian Succession in my high school history class. I'd be sure contextual relevance from the point of view of the national lesson makers took a significant part, there. Fun fact. Of European historians, only British ones tended to take any strong interest and make any significant, independent academic works on the U.S. Civil War.
  6. And even funnier, the near ubiquitous term "Deep State," was first coined by Lyndon LaRouche, a first class crackpot, conspiracy theorist, and cult political organization leader.
  7. There is a 50% chance you are not real, and just an eccentric and obtuse bot programmed to annoy us.
  8. And a British Subject, not an American Citizen, to boot. She won't be voting in 4 years in an American election.
  9. Or former Armenian President Robert Kocharyan meeting Kim Kardashian and Cher...
  10. I think you're wasting your time and endangering your blood pressure with this one, @Hestia11.
  11. "Political Christians," are among the easiest to fall from Christ's Ministry, and the Path to Salvation, and big time. "Political Christianity," is anathema and antithesis to so any aspects of the Teachings of Christ, and using the Lord's Name in Vain CONSTANTLY, it literally angers and my offends my more humble Christian views, which try (though I am only human) to adhere to the Religion of Love, Life, Charity, and Peace Christ enjoined, not the vile mockery of Hate, Death, Greed, and War supposedly in the name of Christ (which is inexplicable, if you read his Ministry) practiced by "Politica
  12. I'm sorry, @vcczar, but that's the kind of thinking that led many early Christians into the hands of Manichaeanism, whose Dualist thinking (if not as a religion) plagues society, politics, culture, and the very fabric of our world's (especially the U.S.') ailing death spiral of civilization.
  13. And what if one does? Are you into persecution of religion, or certain religions, or holding one who adheres to a given religion responsible for all nastiness done in the name of a religion, even if completely inappropriate or anathema to that's religions points, or purely for secular manipulation and gain?
  14. Notice my own personal (if not explicitly termed) concerns on ranked voting, while not necessarily selecting or viewing as the best path to political pluralism. I'm not sure my post is the ideal one to bounce your response off of.
  15. All of his Cabinet and Supreme Court picks are obviously provided for him by underlings, and he has little personal investment or vetting in the issue - if you look at the motley assembly of the entirety of those he's nominated or appointed as President (and the infamous revolving door Cabinet effect). Except, of course, for Bannon and his family members.
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