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  1. While this would let you dodge some issues, perhaps a lack of positions on issues could also hurt you; you'd be opening yourself up to the attack that you haven't considered an issue that's important to many people. Maybe a small chance to trigger while you're campaigning, with cumulative modifiers if you lack positions on more issues?
  2. Let's pretend there's someone who gets 100% of the vote on the West Coast and New York and New England. That's about 28 million votes, out of about 105 million cast. Throw in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Michigan and Florida, DC, Maryland and Minnesota. Oh, let's add Missouri too. That's 53 million votes in those states, enough to win with zero votes anywhere else. Under our current system, it's 221 electoral votes. Do you think people in Texas or the Dakotas or the South would stand by while that guy squeaks by with 50.1% of the popular vote? The Electoral College is designed to help ensure
  3. Well, besides the most obvious determinant (party), here are some other variables that could affect a vote. -Margin of victory in a state; for example, if Nader beats Kerry in California 80% to 20%, then some of California's Democrats could defect. -Active scandals or negative momentum on Election Day could lose a candidate votes. -Money left over- if a campaign has a few million still on hand, it could launch legal challenges or try to sway opinion. -Out of the mainstream- a candidate with many views far from the mainstream could suffer a negative modifier to chances to woo representat
  4. This function could be tied to momentum; if a candidate has good momentum going into Election Day, maybe he/she could gain some votes.
  5. Anthony: A small suggestion. I'm sure you've noticed the political debates springing up in every thread on the board. Maybe you should create a separate section for political debate, so the 90% of us who are here for your game can read about it without getting confused?
  6. Let's not get ridiculous here in your zeal to balance the argument. Its opinion shows (TEND to have more conservatives?) take up a third of its programming. Its anchors have appeared on the podium at Republican national conventions. Its new stories are much less slanted- but the stories they pick to cover in a dispassionate tone differ vastly from the stories the other networks lead with. Go back and compare 9/11 Commission coverage, for example. The Fox outlets minimized their coverage as much as they could, while the rest of the media were all over it. In any case, we're straying pretty
  7. My point is, at this point it is a national issue. And the hype that surrounds it was not manufactured by Kerry. The media picked up on the ads and started discussing them, not because the SB ads have any validity, but because they represent a juicy controversy. They're good television. As for "nobody" listening to MoveOn or the SB ads... again, I think that's a gross overstatement. At the least, big 527 pushes should be represented by a slight strengthening of a candidate's base, some momentum, and possibly a random scandal or assistance/resistance to a spin attempt.
  8. I respectfully disagree. A lot of the issues in this campaign have been generated by the 527s, such as the Swift Boat ads, which are (for the moment) the biggest thing in the political debate. If no one's listening, then why did Kerry and Edwards spend so much time last week fighting back?
  9. If you want an idea of Dorateo Arango's politics, you might look him up under his nom de guerre, Pancho Villa.
  10. prufrock451


    This is something which is missing from the current version, largely because no one a year ago or even a few months ago could have predicted that the 527s would have the kind of impact they do. The game has occasional shifts in public thinking due to PACs on a statewide level, but the 527 organizations are spending money on nationwide campaigns. Is there any way to create a new event where, say, a MoveOn.org ad blitz would translate into momentum for Kerry? Would there be a way for these organizations to contribute a random chance for spin? Also, will the candidates start out with pre-ex
  11. I'm excited to see the new version come out as well. Thanks for creating such an addictive game!
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