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  1. I'm not sure if you can replace those logos. Just leave it at the default.
  2. I always thought ones were reserved for really bad situations. A one in integrity would be given to someone like George Galloway while a one in debating would be given to someone who talks in an annoying voice, is a total buffoon, and can't string to sentences together. And while Bush is pretty bad at debating, he is not as bad as a one.
  3. I don't know how old Klink v. Santorum or Specter v. Hoeffel v. Clymer is, but I'm making these now.
  4. On this list, most likely Gingrich. I'm backing either Brownback or Santorum though. Half the people on this list won't run.
  5. Looks cool On an entirely different tangent, could you explain how to install the v 1.06 patch for PMUK?
  6. I'm actually making a Casey v. Santorum scenario right now.
  7. No problem, just go to the scenarios page on 80soft's website and you can download it.
  8. They haven't done studies on the long term effects of being raised by gay parents compared to heterosexual parents, and any that would be done would be compromised by the vast differences between children. But, just thinking the scenarios are flawed doesn't make them flawed. Show what is flawed.
  9. Notice I didn't say they shouldn't be allowed, I said heterosexual parents raise a child better. The same applies with single parents.
  10. Yeah, what did you think. I'll send those out now guys.
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