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  1. Not if you count it like this: Europe: 4 Africa: 2 Asia/Oceania: 1 Americas: 1 Why would you count it like that? First of all the Americas are of comparable size to Europe, both in population and in number of states, so it makes sense to lump them together... Furthermore, why is Oceania its own continent? like 30 Million ppl tops live there... like 1% of the world's population?! That ludicrious... why not give it to Antarctica... afterall, its a continent too The only thing you could make a claim for is that Europe is over-represented, but the UN is taking steps to reverse that...
  2. Who cares? It's like how they rotate where the Olympics go or where the World Cup is played ... lot of people or places that meet the qualifications. So why not rotate it. AND the Americas are in the rotation, how is it design to screw North America?
  3. To be fair, Asia population is what? Around 2.5 Billion... Africa 1 Billion... the Americans... .5B AND there are far more countries in Asia and Africa than in the Americas. I think the next time it comes around to the Americas, we should simply insist that the leader come from the North.
  4. That's not really that surprising we often agree on the social side of things and disagree on the economic...
  5. It doesn't help that I feel "strongly" about most issues... I can't help it... I'm just naturally passionate that way.
  6. I know... My score was -9.88 Economic Left/Right and -7.90 social libertarian/authoritarian... I first took this test like three or four yrs. ago. I don't know what it is about this particular test... I'm not that much of a leftist in real life.
  7. Economic Left/Right: -7.75 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.69 Pretty much the same as last time, although I have drifted slighty to the right.
  8. I will as the Queen's Loyal Servant Thanks for the sentiment guys...
  9. TonyJones

    Happy Trails

    Haven't posted in a while - I've been a bit bogged down by this whole election thing. I've accepted a teaching position in Buenos Aires, so its looks like this might be the end of the road for a while - I certainly won't be online as much as in the past. Thanks to everyone (even MichaelM ) I've always enjoyed the conversations here and I wish you all the best in any future endeavours. My email is posted feel free to drop me a line... Take Care, Tony
  10. I just did 154 (one seat shy of a majority with the NDP)... without cheating. I'm not even sure how it all happened. The tide turned at the end super super fast. Big Scandals against Martin and Harper the last week... and I had a highly successful ad (like 8)... next thing you know 154 seats.
  11. Merry Christmas Everyone!
  12. ... what are the original ratings for Harper, Martin, Layton, Duceppe. I've played around with the charisma, experience et al. so much that I can't recall.
  13. I just set my all time record of 252 tonite.... the Conservatives were left with 8 rural Alberta seats... and the Liberal were down to 13 all in Toronto or Montreal. Still couldn't make a big dent against the Bloc though...
  14. I find the best way is to 'edit candidate' give yourself a '5' in every category, $999,999,999 - give every other candidate a '1' and then rack up a 250 seat NDP majority
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