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  1. I would say it's a 3 for Palin, because the public has just accepted it as one of those "things politicians do."
  2. It's actually, after the election has finished, looking pretty good. I'm just going to use the 80 soft map to make it look better. Sadly, the rest of the 80soft scenario is a bit strange (Especially issue centres) Updates: Atlantic Accord is now "Equalization" to also take advantage of Ontario's general unease with the system, Danny Williams has been added as an endorser. Arts is also an addition, along with crime, that will make Harper's life in Quebec not fun.
  3. I like the new regions, but I dare say the Conservative alternates are waaaaaaay overrated, esp. Mulroney and MacKay.
  4. No, he doesn't. I've never seen a single interview/platform plank where he wants to give the monarch more powers. He wants them to be move visible, if that's what's confusing you.
  5. I've never found him personally to be anti-Israel itself, but he is an isolationist in Pat Buchanan type terms.
  6. Canada is a monarchy. Just because someone's a monarchist doesn't mean they don't believe in democracy.
  7. Good show getting rid of the nonsense parties...cleans things up considerably. There's some better pictures of Harper on the Conservative site, if you're looking for one. I'll email you a copy of what I did for 08, just for some issue ideas, etc.
  8. I would put both Pallin and Obama at 2...both are, in my mind, very similar in that category. The only tipper for me would be that Obama had to win a Senate race in Illinois over a governorship in a fairly small state, but that's offset by the fact his opponent was a joke. I know with my Canadian scenarios, I generally go: 1-Inexperience is a crippling issue. 2-Inexperience is an issue, some legislative/financial experience. 3-High ranking Cabinet post provincially/Federally, involvement with policy; Or presumed to be ready by media/populace. 4-Short-term incumbent; High ranking inner Ca
  9. He used to post often on this board when we had the open political discussion. Him, me, a guy named Mantis, and a few others used to basically rapid-fire flame each other lovingly. We all had a good time.
  10. I have a map you may want to use, PM me if you're interested. Haha, good ol' Simon. Man, this board used to be so much fun...
  11. Thanks for the candidate updates, thought I put Fortier in, guess I didn't save. Stockwell Day will never lead a Canadian party again. He's been a decent minister, but too many scars among people in caucus who should be his base. Prentice is a good call, may add him. The NDP is losing their (Very good) candidate in Central Nova, she's probably running in Halifax this time around, and MacKay doesn't win by landslides. I hope to see a riding poll soon.
  12. HabsFan21

    Canada 2008

    Might as well start a new thread... http://rapidshare.com/files/127393560/Canada_-_2008.zip.html Tell me what you think...few points I'm wondering: -Party relations...good, or a bit too negative for everyone? From my personal view, the Bloc-Liberal relation is the worst, but other viewpoints are welcome. -Green shift...in there adequately? Didn't want to create one "issue", so divided it between two that are already there. -Pictures, especially Layton...he looks much better on TV than in photographs. I still have to catch up on ridings, so shoot away while I keep going. Don't be shy.
  13. http://www.theoryspark.com/political_games...arios/index.htm Go to "Ultimate United North America", download. It's not a bad map. Saskguy made a better one, but I have't seen him around in a bit.
  14. Um, Ok, I guess. Have fun making the scenario. There should be one in the 2004 scenario files that has a map in it, if you need one.
  15. It's both. The GOP is generally viewed as far too religiously motivated, scarily militaristic and basically bought lock stock and barrel by corporate America. For example, probably our most pro-military public figure, Jack Granatstein, thinks they are reckless and scary. Most polls have about 15% of Canadians liking the Republican candidate, and even then, I would say most of that is due to hating the Democrats moreso than Republican support. Personality can change things a bit: Bush Sr. was generally respected here, if not loved. Alliance wasn't "far right," per se: Their platform was r
  16. Yes, he frequently said things along those lines...Canadian PM Brian Mulroney was heard to make fun of this in the "Secret Mulroney Tapes." Ex."Approximately 80% of our air pollution stems from hydrocarbons released by vegetation. So let's not go overboard in setting and enforcing tough emissions standards from man-made sources."-Sierra Magazine
  17. HabsFan21

    Canada 2007

    Sorry for those not emailed, I'll be sure to post a rapidshare link to the new version. Some changes being made: -"First Nations" has been replaced by "Municipalities", along with the Federation of Municipalities added as an endorser. -Maxime Bernier has been deleted as a candidate (Though he does win the Canadian Political Playa award), as well as some Liberals. -"Green Shift" has made Stephane Dion Centre Left in personal taxes, but he has moved to C on Afghanistan. Some new logos as well for the issues. -Regional bonuses added: Iggy and Rae get Quebec bonuses, Kennedy and Harper a We
  18. And it's funny, because Americans bucked the usual international trend: Usually it's socialism/social democracy/labour red, liberal yellow, and conservative blue. Though, of course, some countries are different.
  19. Good job on the scenario...only change I would make would be to make Reagan's charisma a 4 (A 5 in '84, since everyone kinda rallied around him after the shooting) and his experience a 4 (Because he was Governor of California).
  20. It should be noted, conventions being in the news, as well as the anointing of a victor, tend to raise both the profiles and poll numbers of political parties. It's known as a "post convention bounce" here.
  21. Well, I'll have to put some decent endorsements in first. In the process of working on it. How is the one in the scenario not "correct"? According to the book I have, dissolved September 8th, election on the 25th of October. There are: PC=Minority (Any victory would have done), Liberal majority, Reform opposition, Bloc 45 seats, NDP 10%/35 seats. It's just that the PC campaign in real life was pretty awful, so the actual result is an extreme. I've had dry runs (Be the Nationals/NLP, and just spacebar through) where the Conservatives get 1-6 seats, so it is possible.
  22. Must say, I really like. The leader ratings are a lot better (If a bit harsh on the "integrity"), and the numbers are more interesting. Great work everyone involved.
  23. Exactly, this is something I do in my scenarios with, for example, "National Unity" being a Quebec/Western support axis, and "Regional Development" or "Fisheries" being an Atlantic Canadian support barometer (For example, Preston Manning is waaaay off, and attackable on it, while the PCs and Liberals are OK).
  24. The problem can probably be solved by getting rid of the endorser file, as I didn't include one in the scenario and the old one has issues not related to the new one.
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