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  1. Could you email it to williamgconlin (@) yahoo.com please? Thanks!
  2. What the **** is wrong with you people? He won... GET OVER IT! He isn't going to get shot. I know you want it, but it isn't going to happen. He's got the greatest security force in the history of the world and HE WON so stop projecting your hatred and try to do something creative!
  3. Update: I went on to win the 2000 election as Bradley. I started the race 42-42-4 (Bush-Me-Nader) and began to climb in the polls right away. I ran newspaper ads each week and a couple of TV ads throughout the campaign. I picked Dick Gephardt as VP and researched 3 scandals on Bush, 1 high, 1 med, 1 low. Those mixed with some Nader scandals on Bush kept his momentum negative. I got almost all the endorsements and my momentum peaked at 13. in the last 3 weeks my campaign really broke out and I ended up winning a HUGE landslide against Bush. My cash at hand on election day was a little over $250,000. I lost all 3 debates and the VP was a tie.
  4. 2000 Official 80soft Scenario. No modifications. I played as Bradley. I skipped endorsements and started fundraising like mad. I focused ads in all states up to Super Tuesday and put foot soldiers in Iowa and New Hampshire. I won the first 4 primaries by 20 or more points (Iowa 78-22). Using that momentum I carpet bombed the Super Tuesday states with level 6 newspaper ads. I won most of Super Tuesday and picked up even more momentum! Some scandals broke (I assume from Bush or Nader) and I took the popular vote lead. Gore and I battled for the delegate lead and a week before the last set of primaries, I was down in Alabama and about 10 delegates short. Another scandal broke and I ended up winning Alabama and winning the nomination with EXACTLY the number of delegates needed. Gore lost by 2 delegates!
  5. Is it possible to get this on megaupload or another site?
  6. At this point I think the 2008 scenario needs to have Mike Bloomberg added as an Independent and given 1 Billion Dollars in funds... As funny as that may sound, it's what CNN is reporting he's willing to put into a Presidential run...
  7. can you put it on megaupload? I really don't want spam from posting my e-mail on here...
  8. Could someone put this on megaupload please? I'd rather not put my e-mail address up for the whole world to see...
  9. sounds good, I'd like to play it. Only thing is: the VP on West Wing was Bob Russell and if I remember correctly there was one other Republican running. If you watch the episode where they're at the restaurant in NH, you can see all the jars with candidates names on them. Hope this helps!
  10. Can't you just put the zip file onto megaupload or another file share network? That way people don't have to put up their e-mail address and risk all the spam?
  11. So does this mean that instead of getting the 2000, 1992, 1980 and 1960 scenarios that were promised to us we have to buy the upgrade and design them ourselves.
  12. My strategy for winning with Powell is nothing but positive. If you run all Powell newspaper ads and no attacks, you have a good chance of winning the nod.
  13. broadwayboy87

    P4EP Bug

    I've got 1.00.2, but I'm still getting a s***load of errors and the game won't even play out, how soon will this issue, that everyone seems to have, be addressed?
  14. Just an observation... In the 2004 scenario there are two Gov. of Alabama: the real governer and "Gov. Name", just thought you may want to fix that at some point. Also in 2003, when the primary is set, James McGreevey was still Gov of NJ.
  15. broadwayboy87

    P4EP Bug

    Okay, I LOVE the new game but I've played it 6 times and only once has it succesfully played out to election night without crashing and when I was leading by 5%, suddenly I lost by 10%... how soon can we expect the updates?
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