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  1. I save my game on Election Day and see what happens with and without the ad cheat
  2. The "ad cheat" is when you run all your ads in all 50 states right before election night, even if you don't have enough money for it. It gives you a huge bump in the polls and doesn't cost you as much scandel since election night is right around the corner...
  3. yeah! That's a great idea! When you click ads, the map should change to a market map instead of a state map (like the one on the episode "Debate Camp" for West Wing fans out there)... I'd love to see that!
  4. OH... if only Mondale had won... I would have been born in a truly great America.
  5. The whole precint and "swing states" idea is REALLY cool! I'd like to see an option page for corruption. Along with moles in the opponents camp, things like slanderers, and even assassins (but all of these options holding a major cost and a high backfire rate, with a subsiquent scandel if discovered)
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