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    Delete thread

    Delete this thread please. Didn’t think the other one posted. Sorry.
  2. Sorry if this is the wrong forum. I’m an idiot, you see. I cannot seem to figure out how to go on television shows/give interviews. I remember older versions you would get prompts. My opponents are going on them every night. What am I missing? help an idiot out, please.
  3. Thanks! I will be sure to download it and see if this works. Would you still recommend not starting at the earlier dates?
  4. I appreciate the response. I will follow that advice. I only prefer the earlier start date as it gives me sufficient time to set my platform/strategy, and makes it easier for lesser known candidates to have a chance. For now, I can play on the later start date. Much appreciated. Also, there are two June 2019 start dates; not sure if one would work better than the other, but I thought I would let you now.
  5. Apology on clogging the forum, but this is one of the crashes I've experienced. 1.) What do you mean by large number of days? 2.) Yes, the earliest possible date. 3.) Yes. For the most part just candidates running IRL but still a lot. 4.) I am using autosave although I've had this error when playing with it turned off. I've attached my autosave fail. autosave.sav
  6. What is the current version to play on? I can't get through the primaries without my game crashing. Although I've been using the earliest start date.
  7. I recently activated my subscription and have been playing President Infinity version 3.0.0. I have tried three different 2020 campaigns and each of them have left me with an error that crashes my game. I am unable to load the auto save or the user created one. I've attached the game file. I may be on the wrong version of the game or something. Either way, very frustrating. Any help would be appreciated. autosave.sav
  8. Does anyone know how to install a zip file? I have it but have no idea what to do...
  9. This is making me mad, I will play a game and both third party candidates will get 7 or 8 percent, this is unreal and was wondering what can be fixed
  10. I really need this scenario!
  11. After I lock up a nomination I should be able to add the cash from the primaries to my general election fund. I raised a ton of money hoping it would go to the 75 million and it just dissapeared. That is not cool
  12. I can't wait to play, let me know when you send it, ok?
  13. Still havn't got anything, BuckeyeNation36@gmail.com is my email if someone could foreward
  14. WOW! I cannot believe some of these, any tips I flat out suck compared to you guys, my best:
  15. Another Kennedy president, he could of been great. When you get done with that email me at: BuckeyeNation36@gmail.com I'd like to play
  16. Sweet I can't wait to win as Al Gore, but then again he did win the real election..........
  17. How do I get a hold of this? I have looked around but no luck
  18. BuckeyeNation36@gmail.com Please send with any information how to install (If I need that)
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