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    Political Science, "The West Wing", Conservative viewpoints, GOP, Libertarians, Social Issues, Economics (micro and macro), International Relations, World Affairs, French Politics and Govt., International Studies, Debate, Campains, Speech and debate writing
  1. As far as senarios and whatnot- an interesting tid bit I found: <<Febuary 7, 2005 - "jmhardin" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum a link to Reuters: NBC's 'West Wing' Election Is Up for Grabs by Steve Gorman: ...the executive producer of "The West Wing" swears he has no idea whether a Democrat or Republican will be elected the show's next president.... Wells says the show's next occupant of the Oval Office, succeeding current star Martin Sheen, will be determined by which character the writers ultimately feel is the "most compelling" to the audience... Producers pl
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