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  1. And a new error I've found is "invalid time encode", just as the game enters Election Night.
  2. Haven't heard back from TheorySpark, BUT The error I discovered involving the primaries got worked out (I had accidently left some old dates listed). But I'm still stumped on how come Election Night for this particular scenario keeps getting screwed up (some kind of floating operation error). If the folks in charge see this, please answer my email. Thanks.
  3. The logic about 6 EVs from North Carolina for the Dems based on Congressional Districts is flawed, yes. But they'll still get 3-4 EVs based on the 2004 results. Assuming they don't end up doing better than 4 years ago. Maine's two districts don't diverge that much from each other politically, and Nebraska is too Republican overall, for us to see these small states divide their electoral votes. You could see both Maine districts flip Republican, theoretically, but I doubt you'd see Maine be tied enough politically to split their two districts. But big states with concentrations of political opposition (like the minority districts) that use the Maine/Nebraska system will always have split electoral vote delegations. The flaw is North Carolina as a whole won't be targeted by either side, but only its marginal districts, and that's assuming a Clinton or Obama wants to bother to gain a single electoral vote when they can use their money to swing all of Ohio over. If anything, while this guarantees the Dems a few more EVs, it totally marginalizes the entire state of North Carolina for future elections.
  4. http://www.kenkerns.com/p4e.html I recently updated some scenarios that I think others might like. I'm still working on two P4E+P scenarios, among other things. (I'm also the user KenDC, but for some reason I'm listed as "kendg8r" while I'm at work. Probably was an old sign-in that I forgot the password to.)
  5. Not to add too many questions to this thread, but if it's true we're getting 16 slots for 16 parties, is it safe to assume that we'll be able to add many more colors for these parties?
  6. Sweet. Let me say before the complainers start their usual rant that I thank you for posting this and keeping us informed. I really like what I'm hearing, as it will help immensely with the design of our scenarios. Thanks!
  7. For $12? Really? If the update is worth the wait, it's worth $12, IMHO.
  8. Hey guys, I am going to release an alternate Cyberia 1997 that has australian preference system in place. Once I did that, the game became far more competitive. I am also slowly at work on a Cyberia 2001, and a P4E version of Cyberia will come out at some point. I personally like the micronation of Cyberia, so you may see a lot from me on it.
  9. Yeah, I think I'm going to put a disclaimer in the ReadMe file and just allow for a bigger campaign treasury. I want to keep the population consist with UF, so adding more money is my only option until the next release of P4E's programming.
  10. I think it's the number of voters and the size of our candidate's warchest. During my trial run, endorsements were $20,000 and the candidate started with $35,000! And running ads after producing them was dirt cheap. If Anthony can let us know how to resolve this dilemma and still keep our scenario realistic, I'd be happy. So far, everything else about my scenario is as I want it (within reason), so this last bit would be enough for me to release it.
  11. It'll be based on the University of Florida. It's one of the few schools I know that has a long history of political parties (although the names change all the time). It's also a scenario loosely based on "Reunion at University Avenue", a mystery novel I wrote. It's really a vexing problem, this money thing, because as I understand it, if I increase the cost of running the ad, it'll increase the cost of producing it, which is the opposite of what I need to do to make this scenario work.
  12. I am working on a collegial P4E scenario where the total population is just over 48,000 and typical candidates will have between 20K and 30K to spend, maybe less. Unfortunately, when I ran it through, I had a situation where barnstorming and ads costing at least $500 (and as much as 2,500 for the ads), while it only cost $17 to run a campus-wide ad once it was produced. Is there an easy way to rejuggle things so the ads can cost less to produce but more to run? My idea is $1000 for top-produced ad and maybe $480 for campus-wide airing.
  13. Yeah, and President Forever is easier than Prime Minister Forever to create custom scenarios.
  14. Why should that matter, if the Australia scenario has Canada included? I'm just because I want people to enjoy what I created (or say they hated it if they did).
  15. Well, in my election sims I lump in the at-large delegates too, to get to the 4,300 or so the Dems usually have.
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