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  1. Maybe you can do what zion did for his California gubernatorial scenario and have zoomed in areas as part of the map for the territories in the state that are very small.
  2. Don't forget to update the electoral college votes for each state according to the expected results of the 2010 census.
  3. First turn of the Wildrose Alliance: Here The Wildrose Alliance begins the 2008 campaign slowly, with leader Paul Hinman and his advisors mapping out a strategy to become a viable conservative alternative to the PCs. Hinman has focused on preparing for a series of local events out in rural Alberta to increase the party's presence in the province (spent turn on Issue Knowledge).
  4. I've noticed that it's tough to gain support while campaigning in the scenario. It seems as though the poll numbers in the early states almost always stay static or drop until the primaries occur in those states.
  5. I have a suggestion regarding how to improve footsoldiers in P4E+P. While I realize you probably won't be releasing a new version of the game for another 3 years, I think improving them would be helpful for making the game more interesting. It would be great if instead of just generic footsoldiers there could be specializations for them, such as fundraisers, get out the vote footsoldiers, voter registration footsoldiers, etc. Also, it would be great if these could then be combined together into different levels of organization, with costs that steeply scale upward. For example, a "Level 1" or
  6. I tried the scenario, but it doesn't seem to work for me because of the French accents in the files.
  7. Also, the Wyoming Caucuses for the GOP have the wrong date.
  8. How about an optional independent run by Lou Dobbs? I remember him saying on his show that he believed that an independent populist would run and win in 2008. I think it would make an interesting side option to have, since it would throw off the electroal calculus.
  9. How about William Borah for the progressive wing of the GOP?
  10. The 2004 scenario in the beta also lists Lincoln Chafee's home state is Alabama, when in fact it is Rhode Island.
  11. The 2004 scenario in the beta also lists Lincoln Chafee's home state is Alabama, when in fact it is Rhode Island.
  12. Sum1

    Multiplayer Game

    My game is waiting for one more person before launch, so if anyone is interested, please feel free to join.
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