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  1. But what does that change?
  2. LiberalUK

    UK 1992

    Not sure that he evr finnished it. Would anyone be interested in working together on making one? I've got the issues finnished somewhere but never got very far with the rest of it.
  3. I mentioned an idea for P4E 2004 which could also work for P4E2008+P. Rate each candidate on the following aspects of their background/personnality on a scale of -3 to +3: Religious/Secular Articulate/Down to Earth White/Multicultral That way you don't just give the candidate a rating for charisma but you also have a way of describing that persons background. Then you 'describe' each state along the same lines and how well a candidate 'matches' the state influences their starting polls and the effectiveness of their campaign in that state. E.G. So Bush might be -1 (church goer), +2 (Co
  4. Please take your time. There's nothing worse than thinking: "Yes it's finnished" only to find that it isn't.
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    Why are you asking this?
  6. LiberalUK


    The problem with 80soft isn't the work they do:- what they do is great. The problem is that they make promises that they can't keep. It's all very well intended. -Their optamism is what drives them but it leads to dippy ideas - they don't want to dissapoint and so they then go and say things that they know is total rubbish. Before anyone whines that that's not true we could see it was true over P4E primaries. They put the date back and back and back and then released it without testing for bugs (It was basically unfinnished). At the time I said to them ''look just say Q1 2007 and then you ca
  7. Now that the polls are less accurate could we get rid of the idea that footsoldiers in 'comforatbly ahead' states should automatically fundraise. I'm sick to death with seeing them fundraise in the last week of campaigning, only to see the state turn red on election night when I knew it always would.
  8. I hope they focus more on the game itself rather than scenarios. Scenarios are easy to make anyway. A few things that may have already been mentioned/dealt with: Debates: 1.Add the primaries debates 2. Change the way they work. it's always been a weakness. Make it so that the debate result affects overall momentum rather than the 'issue familiarity' issue. For the news story, make it so that the issue dealt with is one of the issues in the winning candidate's theme. There should also be more result options with the following effects on momentum in each state (1st debate,2nd,3rd, VEEP) e.
  9. Yeah but I get the feeling that it could backfire.
  10. But not when Clark gave the order. In a way I hope the Reps try to use this against him. It'll just look cheap.
  11. It was actually a plan to block the russian advance on the airport. Not the same thing as storming the airport.
  12. No not like John Kerry did. There is absolutly no comparison between a southern general with decades of experience in military spheres and a rich northerner who was in Vietnam in his 20s. I do believ in Wes Clark and so do many dems. He's got a lot of serious ideas concerning the futrue of the US.
  13. I'm still hoping that Clark will get moving. He's not perfect but he seems to have a bit more sincerity than the others. He would be a good running mate for one of the morer synthetic candidates. Edwards/Clark perhaps. I can't help feeling that Hilary will lose.
  14. I've had the same problem. Hours of work wasted.
  15. Sounds great. does anyone know about any advertising being done by 80soft? ! other thing. Why do they always say 'England' on that side of the pond. It really p%$&*s me off.
  16. You need to do a history course. The people who 'set your country up' as you would put it, owned slaves didn't let women vote and didn't have muych time for direct democracy. The US is a representative democracy not a direct one. In any case, the judiciary is an important plank of any democracy.
  17. I know it's early, but has anyone/ would anyone place bets on the next president? Yes it's 2 years away but I would be interested to see if anyone, out of all of us on the forum, could get it right.
  18. If you want to maintain a high number of posts per day, you could always start quoting huge sections of the 'SUN' newspaper instead. Not that you'd be the first
  19. I've had a problem with some scenarios. When the first version came out, I immediatly started to create custom scenarios. Unfortunatley they don't seem to work on later versions esp. Will I have to create them again from scratch or are there some simple changes i can make to the files to amke them, compatible with the latest version?
  20. This just shows that 80soft's predictions were even more ridiculous: -they hadn't even factored in proper time for testing. (No don't bother suggesting that testing did take place because some people haven't even been able to finish a single game yet.) When I 'bithced' about the release dates my main complaint concerned the almost hilarious predictions that were being made. The retort from others?:- "don't rush them, they need to get rid of bugs". 0/2 not a good score. Irony indeed. 80soft screw up in spectacular fashion on both counts.
  21. We can make those changes with ease. Right now they should be focussing on making it so that the game works properly.
  22. I don't know whether they've tried this game, but noting down the names of 23 states, searching for them in a list of 50 and then nhaving to turn each one off in the next turn is extremely awkward. The primaries have a similar problem.
  23. Will it sort out the 'ads' window so that they're not in alphabetical order? In the primaries, it should be cronological order and in the general it should be in positional order, as in P4E 2004, not PM4E.
  24. LiberalUK

    PF - P

    I think you can play around with the extent to which you would force states to accept it and tie in the whole, civil union vs. marriage debate. I'd save a lot and have it as a long term project set on 'hard'. It would just be nice if it was an option, particularly during the primaries themselves when days count.
  25. LiberalUK

    PF - P

    Day by day would be possible. Anyone played civilization 2? A long campaign is more satisfying to complete.
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