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  1. Actually, although Webb won that election by the slimest of margins, Allen successfully turned that around because of Webb's use of words and actions far worse... including some far-worse college and army behavior, and some truly disgusting and racist content in Webb's novels. But my feeling is, integrity should be about actual political conduct, not idiotic comments. If idiotic comments were the only measure of integrity, there'd be few politicians left standing with a "positive" integrity rating at the end of the day. Most (from both parties) would be -10 or lower. Integrity, it seems to me, should be more substantive than that. For example, Harry Reid's land deals that the press is ignoring or Newt's extramarital affair, which was also rather ignored (to be balanced with my examples). Was it Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer or Diane Feinstein who stepped down from a committee that was awarding contracts to companies owner by her husband? Can't remember which is was, but that's the kind of stuff that, to me, speaks more to an integrity rating than some idiot remark. Just my two cents, though.
  2. Whether they'd be stronger than usual -- say on an H. Ross Perot scale -- is not the point, for me. The point is to see the game reflect the full political landscape of 2008. And speaking of that... I wonder where Nader is...? The only third-parties in the game currently are right-leaning.
  3. This is a good start, but how do you avoid having your guy collapse from exhaustion keeping up a schedule like this? What about keeping up-to-date on issues and debate prep? Anyway, thanks for the advice, I'll try this...
  4. I need some advice, coaching or a tutorial of some sort... I never even win a primary and only continue to the general election by holding out and insisting I get named the VP of whatever candidate came from behind to suddenly beat me to death with my own arm...
  5. I'd like to see more ways to raise campaign funds so I can spend at a level that keeps me competitive. Mailings, online fundraising, etc. As it stands, it's very hard to even stay above water, let alone run a nationwide ad that runs in all 50 states. Usually I have to keep ads miniscule, targeting 2-3 swing states, and small ones at that, or my campaign runs out of funds QUICKLY. I'd like to see ALL the candidates included. I'd like debates to be played out a bit more... almost like a minigame or something. I'd like to see special events distributed a bit more evenly. In six campaigns, I've been invited to appear on the O'Reilly Factor once... and no other special events before or since in all six campaigns. I'd like to see a tutorial for newbies.
  6. I can't seem to find the right mix of activities... Barnstorming and speeches are essential, but so are fundraisers. And then if I neglect issue knowledge or debate prep, that hurts me too. It seems hard to build up a proper war chest because if you back off on ads, you fall way behind, but if you run many ads at all, well, that's bad, too... And it seems like some folks are able to stack up way more CPs or whatever it is that are used to secure endorsements, but I never seem to gain any... The game REALLY needs a tutorial for newbies like me.
  7. Yeah, that's all I meant. I think as many of the candidates on both sides ought to be in the game, no matter how unlikely their chances are to win. There's still 2-3 MIA GOP candidates and 2-3 MIA DEM candidates...
  8. Very few of these lopsided victories are realistic. Even Reagan v. Carter was closer. Only Reagan v. Mondale was as lopsided as most of these victories... weird.
  9. The game feels to me like AI-controlled candidates have a lot more funds and a lot more CPs than my candidates do (no matter who I choose to control.) If I keep anything like a real-world-normal campaign schedule, I run out of funds, CP and exhaustion level within a month or two... I think this game needs a tutorial or something; I have a hard time figuring out ANY winning strategy without some CPU-candidate coming out of nowhere to just decimate me when things get critical... If I play a GOPer, even if I take one of the top 3 candidates, I'll get decimated out of nowhere by Sam Brownback or Mike Huckabee... if I play THOSE candidates, I don't even get traction to begin with. Same on the Dem side... I could be Obama, Hillary or Gore, but I'll get decimated by some no one... if I try some no one, I don't even get traction against the big three. This game would be a lot more fun if I had a decent model for a winning campaign strategy. Also, random events like appearances on The O'Reilly Factor or The Daily Show seem to be offered to every candidate I'm not playing, and frequently... but never seem to be offered to any candidate I control. In about six campaigns so far, I've had a special media event like that offered to me all of... ONCE!
  10. "Fix George Allen's integrity"? I didn't realize political bias played a big role in this game... That would be a bias-influenced rating, to lower his integrity to 2. Yeesh.
  11. Former WI Gov. Tommy Thompson's still MIA.
  12. I heard from an 80soft rep that a forthcoming patch will freshen up the lineup of candidates, to correct most of the current "oversights." I'm glad; I know most of them can't win, but I think it's always fun to play as an underdog, like say the GOP's Mike Huckabee or Wisconsin's Tommy Thompson, neither of them currently in the game. I've also dropped 80soft a note encouraging them to add a true independent run into the 2008 scenario by Giuliani clone Michael Bloomberg... a suggestion I hope they take to heart, as it could be fun.
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