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  1. I would just pose one question--When did 80soft get into the habit of putting games onto the market without having tested them first? This is the most God awful waste of 10 dollars I have ever blown. I could have given the money to a televangelist or a used car salesman or a bum on the street and it would have produced more net good for society than purchasing PM forever the British version. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Canada version with all its scenarios. PM Australia was pretty good too. Kudos to the 80's soft creators for those games. Kudos to them for all the effort they put into
  2. Well exactly, that proves my point about Clark. Everyone on the left loves the guy but when it comes to voting time there's always an IF attached. "IF I were looking for an administrator." "IF the liberal is too corrupt" "IF the NDP is too out of it." He's nobody's first choice. Nobody gives up their Saturdays and Sundays to hit the hustings for the guy. Don't let my negative posts about him confuse you, I really like a lot of what he stands for. In terms of govt activism, I believe a well-managed welfare state can serve to make people freer by relieving them from the burdens of providin
  3. To win a majority govt. with Joe Clark in 1979, here's the key. 1) Run Adds on Inflation against Trudeau 2) Create some kind of add to attack Broadbent and prevent him from undermining you in BC and the praries 3)Spend most of your time in Ontario and BC with the odd foray into any of the other provinces except Alberta or Qubec.
  4. I was playing the '79 scenario and ran negative ads up the yin-yang against Trudeau and created a special attack ad to target the NDP in the Western provinces. I won 2 seats in all of Quebec (Howard Graffety obviously) and spent the bulk of my time and riding efforts in Ontario, punctuated by the occasional foray into the praries. I believe I crossed the finish line with something like 168 seats, which when you combine that total with the 13 that the Credistes won in Quebec meant a pretty good night for the Center-Right. I don't think Joe Clark is a bad man on a personal level. He may ver
  5. I knew that I had caught on to the game when I formed a majority government with Joe Clark of all people
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