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  1. Does anybody besides Guiliani or Romney ever get through the GOP primaries? If I play as a Dem, those are the only two I ever have to face, McCain ony gets through if I turn Guiliani off.
  2. Cool, it's all complicated and what not. Nice
  3. So, uh, is there no way to change the turnout without editting the scenario?
  4. Dem Dream Ticket : Evan Bayh/Harold Ford, Jr. vs. Mitt Romney/Haley Barbour
  5. He's not gonna win, but he may be delusional/egotistical enough to think he can...even though no one else will think so.
  6. How do you change turnout, I've won by landslides playing as Warner with roughly 40 million votes?
  7. Bolton should be the only person representing 'American values' right? Why would, say, Kenya's, South Africa's, or Armenia's ambassadors represent the 'values' of a country on the other side of the planet?
  8. Is this turning out to be the longest week ever for anyone else?
  9. They use the runoff system. If you don't get to 50%+1 in the election, you and the runnerup (regardless of party affiliation) must compete again one month later.
  10. It was in the second episode 'First Choice' when the Prez. was trying to select a VP, the Maj. Ldr. gave her a list of Dems and said something along the lines of "Choose somebody on this list, or you wont't have support in the Senate"
  11. They showed a few Democrats in the second or third episode, but only gave one a name. The female Senator Majority Leader. I'll see if I can find her.
  12. Yea, if anybody could forward 'em. GeminiDKH@yahoo.com Thanks
  13. It's an idea I had for a long time, just never had the time...or the expertise. Now, I've got one, and I'm still workin' on the other. Somebody please explain what I have to do with this part, especially the map position thing: I understand the selfevident parts, but there are still problems.
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