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  1. I would set up the EC based on available military manpower. That still gives China & India an edge in the EC but it also discounts nations who have high populations of young & elderly people and if my memory serves me correctly the huge population boom in India began after British colonization ended in the late 1940s meaning they wouldn't have as significant an edge as they would if it was based off of population alone.
  2. Me either, all it ever seems to do for me is increase my margin of victory in states I'm already winning in but I never seem to overtake whoever I'm running agianst in states that I'm trailing in by more than 2 to 4 points or so.
  3. I don't remember the EV's but they were pretty much evenly divided between Fonda, Cleaver, and Liddy with around 120-150 each & then Leary had significantly less.
  4. No I didn't make that scenario but I agree it is definetly one of my favorites. I believe Johnny made it. I've only made 1 scenario, "The Normandy Nightmare: 1944"
  5. 1972 Post Revolution: Kansas: Peter Fonda: 29.5% (307,791) Timothy Leary: 19.1% (199,899) Gordon Liddy: 21.7% (226,540) Eldridge Cleaver: 29.5% (308,225) I was playing as Fonda & later won the election after a vote in Congress.
  6. *Looks @ own post total & feels that empty virgin-like feeling*
  7. I don't want to post it on the board because the thread has been deleted so I'll send you a PM momentarily.
  8. I wouldn't overly broadcast that message, I'm still hoping this is just one of Dennis's jokes.
  9. Told you it'd be like a Christmas present. Don't worry, initially it was frustrating with all the waiting but after a while we were all just praying that you were still alive.
  10. The suspense is killing us! I check my email everytime I sit down @ the computer in anticipation of them being there. Its like an early Christmas present lol.
  11. Sign me up for ALL as well. Good job man! hitsomebody2004@yahoo.com
  12. Actually at the moment Mark Sanford is on a perpetual skid in the polls in South Carolina because he's seen as a pretty inept leader by Republicans & Democrats alike & its not even likely he'll be reelected in 2006. I would doubt you'd see a bid for the presidency outta him.
  13. hitsomebody2004@yahoo.com Thanks! Long live the Motherland!
  14. I don't think NJ is trending Republican and I don't think Arkansas is a toss up anymore. Arkansas is definetly becoming more solidly Republican and NJ, due to its high level urban & minority population, will remain strongly in the Democrat camp. It may not be as solidly Democratic as the rest of New England, but its still far from trending Republican.
  15. I only use the ad cheat when I'm already pretty much guaranteed to win, just to see how much bigger I can make my victory *btw ad cheat hasn't been used in any previously posted records of mine* However, when its close or I'm losing I just roll w/ the punches just to see how things turn out.
  16. I'd like 1824. hitsomebody2004@yahoo.com Thanks!
  17. In response to it being divided up by the Republics...thats a good idea except for Russia, I'd split it up some more. But for Central Asia, Eastern Europe & the Baltics that'll work just fine. Russia is WAAAAAY too large to be considered one state in this game though.
  18. I haven't used dynamism at all in any of the campaigns posted above.
  19. Perhaps Mr. Goldwater had a rainbow colored skeleton in his closet.
  20. Socialists could perhaps be a good 4th party, favoring more lenient laws in terms of social issues but favor maintaining tight controls over the economy & prefer more government spending in domestic fields and less in defense.
  21. A glimpse into HRC's 2004 wetdream...
  22. Another thing that would make scenario design more simple is designing the issue stances according to Soviet standards, as in Liberals would favor less government intervention in social AND economic issues and Conservatives would favor maintaining or strengthening government intervention in these areas, as compared to American standards, Liberals favoring less government intervention in social issues but more on economic issues & vice-versa for Conservatives, because designing issue stances by the American way of defining liberal & conservative would cause candidates to have vastly cri
  23. It'd depend on when this election is taking place. In the late 80's & early 90's Putin was still a pretty minor figure and would hardly have anywhere close to being in a position to run for president.
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