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  1. I've made it my self so I could get it sent to you
  2. The closest thing I've played was this... Despite I nearly won with a majority (only one seat of the majority) -in this case one EV-...and ironically I didn't won the 39 because one of the seats I lost it by two votes...which means with 2 votes...I wouldn't have been fighting for a majority on the Parliament...
  3. yeah! Tested and it's now working, thanks a lot!
  4. yeah! I think you've got it! I've just found on the electoral trends file a place where it says the number of states, which is lower than the other one , and I've never seen it, you've just told me that and I've started to check line by line and found it. Many Thanks! (haha, just a basic mistake, but this is my first scenario) I think it will work now. It has to be that because the locations are OK, and the new states are on the electoral trends file.
  5. Yeah, apart from vermont, Republicans also took Maryland which is normally a Democrat solid state, in the other hand, democrats take solid Republican states like Alabama and Virginia looks like...
  6. The best campaign maybe will be this one, I won clearly Powell/Rice with Edwards/H.Clinton on the electoral college, but the popular vote was 5%, which is not soo much. On the start I just put Badnarik instead of Nolan as the Libertarian Candidate, and change the "%" file results to 2004's real results, although I put them a bit higher for Nader, and took from the rest of the candidates on an equal basis. On the start I was 4% back, I put dynamism on to see how it worked, at there was many states tie, but Powell won 200 and something vs. 170 EV (more or less) for Edwards. I finally got the
  7. The two states at the bottom of the file: "Comunitat Valenciana" and "Region de Murcia" are the ones which don't work. Because every time I finish a state or two I open the game, and the rest of them are working on the map. The last two don't appear on the map coloured.
  8. // Note: the party names used here should match the party names used // in the electorate_trends.p4e file (for congressionalMajority_AS // and governorBonus_AS) // Galicia/Galiza // name_AS Galicia // capital_AS A Coruña // cityList_AS 0, 1, 2 Pontevedra Santiago de Compostela Ferrol // nickname_AS Galicia, tierra del mar // motto_AS none // logo_AS regions//galicia.bmp // mapPos 0,1 x 5 - 'none' for no position 65 50 64 92 17 48 100 84 57 7 // electoralVotes 25 // population 2624771 // yearOfEntry 1980 // congressionalMajority_AS Partido Popular // governo
  9. Yeah, that I've done. I've tested the parts that I have done, and everyrthing seems to be working. The file I was editing had 15 states, but the problem is when I add new ones, they don't appear on the map after. I will try in 1 min to put the regional_variables.p4e code
  10. iCeVaNeR


    I played it a few weeks ago, and got a funny result, hehe , I won on the electoral college with Yushenko, but Yanukovich won with the 57% of electoral votes The scenario was quite well done, the issues, the country also was very well split on it's to opposed sides (Yushenko wins on the west and on Kiev, Yanukovich wins on the East on the mine regions like Donestk). I liked it
  11. ...can someone help? :S I just finished changing the data of the 15 states there was already in the *.p4e file, and when I get to add new ones, I do it but they don't get recognized in the map after -_-UuuU -> It looks as it doesn't recognize the new states i'm entering
  12. the map is going on, in a few days I hope to have it finished
  13. Well...I live in Spain and I was trying to make a scenario on Spain (as I allready saw on the UK, France and Ukraine). I know more or less how to do it all , but I get stuck with the map... , can someone help me on that or explain it to me? or stick me a map which I can use...
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