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  1. Wow. Here I'd been strictly adhering to the CP limit, even when it hurt...but it turns out you can go over without having the roof cave in. I had expected, at the very least, that those extra CPs would be taken out of my available CPs for next turn. That is, you're given 14 in a week, but you use 16, so the next week you're only given 12. You'd think that I'd have actually tested this at some point, but I was too afraid of Very Bad Things happening to my campaign. Sounds like if the candidate's energy isn't critical, though, going 1 or 2 over each week isn't a problem at all. Look forward to
  2. Fundraisers were failing too; and it wasn't all for lack of money (when an order does fail for lack of money, I generally see a messages in the turn report...there were no messages of any kind in this case). My candidates were not spending more than the available EPs either.
  3. KevinTMC


    I hope that at least the game-related forums will carry on as they have been. And being able to devote more moderating time to the bugs/suggestions and scenario-creation areas couldn't hurt. I've tried starting several threads there lately in recent days and they haven't seemed to have gotten reviewed yet.
  4. I was playing through the general election last night with my self-created Constitution Party nominee. It is hard to make much headway with such a candidate, and his 3 CPs per turn, under the best of circumstances; but as the campaign wound on it became increasingly difficult for me to successfully order anything. Example: I would be out of money, and would order one of my nominees to raise money, and the other to rest (3/3 CP thus used). End turn, check the reports...and no money, and no sign of my candidate having done anything! I look through the turn report and there's background fundrais
  5. There's a really good point. Candidates--especially for scenarios from 2000 forward--need to be given the option to either accept or decline matching funds. (Of course that option would be more attractive if, as in real life, it were possible to actually raise considerably more than the matching fund total in the game.)
  6. Also, when the convention meets to vote on the nominee, one should be offered the option to go through the state-by-state roll call (accompanied by a cumulative count of delegates at the side or on the bottom of the screen). This would be especially helpful for third-party conventions, where all of the delegates are "selected"/committed on the same day; going through them state by state with a running count would be much more exciting, as well as more informative. (The last game I played, the third-party primary maps disappeared after the convention, so there was no way for me to go back and s
  7. I entered Election Night in one of my games last night, and all was going smoothly until the race was called for my candidate. Then things went just a bit silly for a while. The problem came from the fact that what put me over the top on electoral votes was not a new state being called, but Michigan flipping from blue to red. You see, Michigan had been called for my opponent very quickly--by 5 minutes after the hour on the election-night clock--but it was in fact extremely close. (The final margin was 6500 votes out of over 4 million cast.) I suppose y'all were trying to model the Florida deb
  8. Just on the annoyance level, it would be nice to be able to turn off some or all of the change-in-status popup alerts (especially, say, "Montana is now a tie between X-Y-Z"), particularly in the primaries. Update: I'm playing a third-party primary scenario now, and the need for this is desperately urgent. I get messages about literally half the states before every single turn. Extremely tiresome!
  9. I think that the issues for the 2008 scenario are well-chosen, and, for the most part, the left-of-center and centrist positions are decently described as one sorts through the platform options. But as one moves right, the descriptions get more loaded and more detached from what conservative candidates really advocate. "Private stem cell research, even for adult stem cells, should be banned." No one believes this, no matter how "far-right" they may be. Religious conservatives in fact tend to be big advocates of adult stem cell research. "We should make Iraq a tributary state and harvest its
  10. I agree with adding more to the convention...especially when going into a convention without a clear winner. There could be extended haggling the week before the convention, ways of simulating dramatic multiple ballots and floor fights, et cetera; but the two biggest improvements in my book would be simple to implement. 1) Allow the VP slot to be offered (or asked for) in exchange for an endorsement, even before a candidate has a majority of delegates in his pocket, so long as the endorsement would put the candidate over the top. After all, there's a lot more impetus behind the horse-trading
  11. I just played through a Republican primary scenario using v11 and it was good fun. I was scared off the Town Hall feature because, if I tried to schedule one, I got an error. It would present me with the issue list; I would select one; and then I would get "error in TONYintArray::isNumCellWithinBounds" / "TONYintArray::setValue". I thought I saw discussion of new fundraising methods on here (e.g. direct mail), but if that was implemented in this version I didn't spot where it was. I was kinda surprised at how much money I had sloshing around, playing as Sen. Brownback. (I was on Hard diffic
  12. So these never got posted to the scenario page at 80soft? I see a few of your scenarios there, but not many. That's a shame. On a tangential subject, how hard would it be to transmogrify the most popular PF'04 scenarios into PF'08 scenarios? Has anyone been contemplating doing this? (If that idea's a non-starter, I guess we'll have to dig up our copies of PF'04 and reinstall them if we want to play anything other than '04 or '08.)
  13. Howdy! I'm new to PF'08 (though I bought PF'04 and played it a good bit, even worked a bit on a 1976 Reagan scenario but got so lost in details I abandoned it). A few questions: 1) It seems that, at least until a new official 2008 scenario is released by 80soft, this is the only game in town for updated and improved 2008 gameplay. Am I right? 2) Just how profoundly has the 2008 scenario been changed by now? What gameplay decisions embedded in the latest version might one want to revisit first (being an inveterate tinkerer and all)? 3) Is this at all a collaborative effort (and if not, has
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