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  1. Name: Matt Davis Age: 17 Party: Independent Position: Athlete, Captain of Volleyball Team Issue Positions Academic Focus: centre-left Arts Funding: centre-left Dating Policy: centre-left Detention: centre Dress Code: centre Electronic Policy: centre-left Expulsion: centre-right Homework: centre Languages: left Lunch Pricing: right Rival School Relations: centre School Fund raising: centre-right School Prayer: centre-left Soda: centre Sports Funding: centre-right Summer Assignments: centre-left Transportation: right Violence: right Bio(Optional): Matt Davis is a senior ye
  2. I've checked the @'s and they all appear to be there...I'm really not sure what's going on with it, it's very frustrating.
  3. I have an issue with a file I made "@ is not a valid integer value"
  4. BC Liberals (BCL) Gordon Campbell -- Cristy Clark -- Richard Stewart -- Dianne Watts -- Kevin Falcon -- Colin Hansen -- Carole Taylor BC NDP (NDP) Carole James -- Corky Evans -- Dawn Black -- Mike Farnworth -- Gregor Robertson -- Rafe Mair BC Greens (GRN) Jane Sterk -- Damian Kettlewell -- Adriane Carr -- Angela Reid Independent (IND) Vicki Huntington -- David Marley Conservative (CON) Wilf Hanni Refederation (RFD) Mike Summers North Nechako Lakes North Coast Peace River North Peace River South Prince George-Mackenzie Prince George-Valemount Skeena Stikine K
  5. Overwhelmingly BC Liberal Federal Liberals are more inclined to vote BC NDP
  6. Yes I am. I'm just storing some information here for right now.
  7. KOOTENAYS Columbia River-Revelstoke BCL Mark McKee 40 NDP Norm Macdonald 47 GRN No Name 11 Kootenay East BCL Bill Bennett 48 NDP Troy Sebastian 40 GRN No Name 11 CON Wilf Hanni 1 Kootenay West BCL Brenda Binnie 28 NDP Katrine Conroy 59 GRN Andy Morel 11 COM Zachary Crispin 0 Nelson-Creston BCL Josh Smienk 28 NDP Michelle Mungall 54 GRN No Name 16 CON David Duncan 1
  8. NORTH Nechako Lakes BCL John Rustad 52 NDP Byron Goerz 34 GRN Hondo Arendt 11 FED Mike Summers 1 North Coast BCL Herb Pond 41 NDP Gary Coons 48 GRN Lisa Girbav 9 Peace River North BCL Pat Pimm 63 NDP Jackie Allen 25 GRN Liz Logan 10 FED Sue Arntson 1 Peace River South BCL Blair Lekstrom 60 NDP Pat Shaw 26 GRN No Name 13 Prince George-Mackenzie BCL Pat Bell 52 NDP Tobias Lawrence 35 GRN Kevin Creamore 10 Prince George-Valemount BCL Shirley Bond 50 NDP Julie Carew 35 GRN Andrej De Wolfe 11 FED Don Roberts 2 Skee
  9. I'm unable to find an uploadable logo, if anyone has one that would be great.
  10. My understanding is that the BC Greens are going to try and take away the vote of some moderate and right leaning pro-environment right-wingers (see: green tories) while also holding onto their socially progressive base, we'll see if it happens. The BC NDP are trying to branch out a bit more to get more support, that's why they're opposed to the carbon tax.
  11. http://img15.imageshack.us/img15/5982/greenlogo.pdf
  12. Word is that Democratic Reform BC has kicked the bucket. The BC Conservatives are expected to run at least 25 candidates and will probably achieve 2% of the vote overall.
  13. Starting percentages: Surrey BCL 46 NDP 37 GRN 12 CON 5 Vancouver West BCL 43 NDP 43 GRN 11 CON 3 Vancouver East BCL 44 NDP 46 GRN 9 CON 1 Island BCL 40 NDP 48 GRN 11 CON 1 Valley BCL 54 NDP 34 GRN 7 CON 5 Interior BCL 45 NDP 42 GRN 10 CON 3 North BCL 49 NDP 39 GRN 7 CON 5
  14. BC Liberals Gordon Campbell BC NDP Carole James BC Greens Jane Sterk BC Conservatives Wilf Hanni
  15. Equalization is a huge issue in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland aswell.
  16. My suggestion for parties. Liberal-Democratic Party(Centrist): Barack Obama Hillary Clinton Stéphane Dion Michael Ignatieff Bob Rae Dalton McGuinty Conservative Party (Right of centre): Rudy Giuliani Mitt Romney Stephen Harper Jean Charest Bernard Lord Mike Huckabee New Alliance Party (Left-wing, Eco-Socialist): David Suzuki Ralph Nader Jack Layton Dennis Kucinich Gary Doer Rally Against the Union (Protectionist, Anti-Union Alliance): Lou Dobbs Pauline Marois David Orchard Ron Paul Pat Buchanan
  17. Conservatives: - Set Ralph Klein & John Tory to off - Add Lawrence Cannon, Chuck Strahl (set to off), Mario Dumont (set to off) Liberals: - Set Dalton McGuinty to off - Add Frank McKenna, John Manley (either could be set to off) NDP: - Set Robinson to off Bloc Quebecois: - Add André Boisclair (set to off)
  18. learn to read. It's not done, and I'm not emailing it.
  19. it's not done and probably won't be done for a long while. When it is done, I will load it online.
  20. Independent - Tom Dobbs (Man of the Year) Mackenzie Allen (Commander-in-Chief)
  21. Eisenhower - $3 Million, 20 Footsoldiers, 10 momentum Truman - $2 Million, 10 Footsoldiers, 10 momentum Hoover - $500,000, 5 footsoldiers, 2 momentum Governors - $250,000, 2 footsoldiers, 5 momentum Senators - $100,000, 1 footsoldier, 1 momentum President - $1,000,000, 1 footsolider, 10 momentum Vice-President - $500,000, 1 footsoldier, 5 momentum Senior cabinet - $25,000, 1 footsoldier, 1 momentum Junior cabinet - $10,000, 1 footsoldier Why is Johnson in the endorsers? Because if you turn him off he will endorse either Wallace or RFK (if RFK is turned on), same with Humphrey. Johnson
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