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  1. One bad thing about spammers is that any solution to the problem is only temporary. Those litlle codes you have to enter in to prevent them from scanning the image and creating en masse bots were cracked rather easily. I'm trying to keep them off the NP board as much as I can.
  2. This has got to be the funniest thread I've ever read. Dating back to when Tony announced the release of P4EP, people were complaining about the release date, then when the game comes out buggy, the same people are bitching now that it's a buggy product. Oh the irony.
  3. That'd be a cool game, but it'd be a massive undertaking to make it realistic. I don't think 80soft has the resources to pull something like that off on a decent timetable without harming their bread and butter of election games. One huge problem you always see with those type of games is that they have to be done just right. Out of every game class, I think, political simulators (election ones aside) are the ones that get the most criticsm. You either get the hardcore realistic players like us who are very detailed oriented, or you get the majority of strategy gamers who would want to be able to nuke everything and everyone around them. Those kind of players make up the huge majority of the gamers in that genre, unfortunatly. I guess it's really a question of if Tony and 80soft want to persue a massive undertaking to appease a small portion of his potential customer base, or alienate said hardcore base by releasing a SuperPower2ish game. But I'd love to see something like that, just don't think it'd be possible.
  4. How is Congress Forever coming along Tony?
  5. Absolutley the worst platform I've ever seen. At first glance, it looks like it's a joke, but it's even funnier when you realize they're telling the truth.
  6. Anyone notice how he was the Marijuana Party?
  7. I have to say this was a piss poor scenario. Sorry, but I'm being honest. First off, half of the candidates aren't "the future" as is the name of the scenario, but really the past. Such names like John Kerry, Al Gore, Condie Rice, John Edwards, these really are the current and/or the past. They have outside shots to be in 2012. And for the love of God, Pat Robertson? He'll be dead by 2012. About the only two I agree with is Obama and Spitzer, aside from that it's the usual suspects. Plus, very little detail about the candidates, just a quick sentence. Mark Warner's blurb is mixed up from John Edwards' and a lot of candidates are carbon copies of the other. The game plays with a massive bias to the right. I'm a Republican and all, but I like a challenge. I played a quick game as Jeb Bush and dummed Hillary with 61% of the vote and DC and Mass. aside, it was an electoral sweep. Sorry, scenario creator, head back to the drawing board.
  8. The hardest part about ridings is doing the breakup of support so that you have an even, balanced, and realistic scenario. I've yet to find a formula that's worked on this. The names aren't hard. Just get yourself a random name generator, I recommend TableSmith. The coding is very very simple to understand, and you can load your own lists of random names. There's a website I get my name's lists from that have just about every ethniticity in surnames and fornames.
  9. MrCancer1981


    Did anyone recieve a discount for the purchase of Canadian PM4E? I've bought every offering 80soft put out and never got a discount.
  10. I know it's a bit more of a task, but you can edit it in the parties/candidates folder to make it longer.
  11. Please send all to mrcancer7781@yahoo.com. I asked a while ago and didn't get them, so if anyone who has recieved them could kindly pass them along, that'd be great.
  12. Understood, and I don't understand why everyone is calling this guy a jerk. We were lead to believe that the Primaries update would be for the original President Forever, not a brand new one that we would have to pay another $15 for. One of my major deciding factors in buying the game was the fact that it DID (or WAS going to have) have primaries, unlike every other presidential election sim in the business. I'm sorry, but YoungCTrep has a point. Tony did lie and mislead us, don't sit there and suck rear and say "Stop being a jerk". Consumers have every right to eat the company alive when they are decieved. Thanks, and flame me all you want, doesn't change the fact that I was mislead.
  13. So wait, am I to understand you correctly Tony? The Primaries, which was supposed to be an update, is now going to be sold as a completely seperate game?
  14. Here's an idea, a primaries update. Think we can ever get that one?
  15. Has nothing to do with being a "neocon", and I hate to turn this into a political discussion, but you can't run a capitalist government as a left wing socialist country. Granted, the "business elite" overthrowing the government is a bit farfetched, but in real life they'd pack up and move jobs and their business elsewhere, where it's cheaper to sell their product. Then you have a nice dramatic increase in unemployment, less tax dollars running in the coffers, and more being spent socially on unemployment. Like it or not, big business employs a lot of people, so it's pretty dumb for any government to alienate them.
  16. Now, granted, P4E has the edge in almost all election sims, but there's this awesome game out I just got called Democracy. Basically let's you run the UK, the US, Japan, Canada, Australia, etc. and create your own policy as a leader. The election system in the game is crappy, but still, it's always fun to see what you would do with the country after winning in P4E, PM4E, etc.
  17. It will. Buggiest damn game ever created. It had so much potential. I was going to bug crush for the lead programmer, it's some social science professor at the Univeristy of Washington, and I never heard back from him. We were supposed to do an update starting in January, but I guess he had other things on his mind.
  18. Hey Tony, Just curious. Is the P4E update going to be a brand new game (requiring purchase), or an update to the original. The reason why I'm asking is because it's obvious you guys are changing a lot of core code to make this update, and a lot of the times a straight patch doesn't work.
  19. Ah! Thank God! I love this idea. Goes above and beyond anything that I had even dreamed/complained about. Kudos Anthony.
  20. Eh, I never concidered that damn North Dakota a part of the Union anyway. Always dragging us down. There's a saying that we used to have in Buffalo, "Eh, screw it, give it to Canada."
  21. Which is exactly what I fear. I would obviously want one that is more playable, but that isn't my point. My point is, to stave off justified fears that guys like Myrrd and myself have said (which is not a reputation you want as a small software company), you need to keep us up to speed and let us know. It's easy to say "It's coming, it's coming" and then people will eventually tire, and forget about it. It takes juevos to come out and say "Hey look guys, we're looking for it to be ready by (insert month here), doesn't mean it will be ready by then, but that's the pace we're at." I just don't understand what the problem is. Again HRC and Hillary, don't flame me, I'm just responding to a question.
  22. Doesn't it annoy you when Republicans say "If you don't like this country, leave it?" Wouldn't it make more sense to stay, voice your opinion, and promote change, or are you suggesting that voicing your opinion is futile? My point is this. The game itself is great, but I purchased the game PARTIALLY under the coviat that 80 soft would release a patch to include primaries, which would make it the most complete election sim out there. I not only purchased this game once, I purchased it twice. I fried my hard drive on my previous computer, and instead of going through the political red tape, I just figured I shell out another measly $12.00 to get the game again. So I think I have paid for more than a right to complain about an asinine and self-defeating policy. I hold no ill-will towards 80 soft as a company. I hold ill-will towards their policy of silence when it comes to future endevors. I'm a big fan of small-label, indipendent software, but am growing extremely tiresome of the same crap coming from a different beanhole (pardon the vulgarity). It doesn't work, it's killing good small label software companies, and ruining about the only thing they have going for them, which is a tight-knit bond of trust and understanding with their small base of customers. I do not wish to seem melodramatic, but in all honesty, that's what it comes down to. When they promise something, then get tight lipped and say "you'll get it when you get it" it violates a bond of trust that the company will deliver on their word.
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