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  1. perhaps the problem with ur testing is that the computer is only playing? does the computer react differently to human players?
  2. i was rather bored so i thought it play as both blair and howard, doing exactly the same things the entire game to see if there was any tipped scales. and well... not really, 2 weeks out labor 314 +.1 con 164 +6.1 ND 80 +11 1 week out labor 282 -4.5 con 184 -.2 nd 96 +5.8 at the end 256 28% labor 179 27% con 153 31%!! New dems it was played on medium, throughout the game i kept a record of every time each made press on each issue (i had them both give terrorism speaches on the same day, then went onto the next issue), both made the press an equal percentage. both got one scand
  3. while i havn't got round to playing the tories yet, every game ive noticed has followed the paths everyone else has experiance. the last one i played as the liberal dem's, mainly focusing on the south west and south east. Hlaf way through the campaign the tories turned South west blue (was white b4), this remained the way until about 2.5 weeks out, when their vote just collapsed and Labor and the dems picked up the spoils. Their wasn't any big scandels (nothing above 3), no major blunders yet blair seemed to get the big mo without doing much at all.
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    Was playing as the scotish national party this arvo, I found it annoying to have to scroll down pages to view percentages in seats (espically when determining close seats.) Would it be possible to have a button to sort the parties by size (ie what it is now) and by percentage. Would make comparisons alot easier when a regional party is in contention for a seat. (or perhaps having the players party appear at the top would also be a solution) however other than that little gripe, great work.
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