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  1. Whatever its vices, whatever its virtues, the Electoral College is interesting; so interesting that a highly playable and entertaining simulation game could be made of it. British politics may have centuries of tradition, its extremely dated. effectively, for those not in the know, its as corrupt and party-disciplined as the House of Reps (gerrymandering), whilst elected nearly as often as the Senate- but the gov. can pick the actual date. Anyone can be in cabinet when the PM wants. Plus no mid-term elections and 650 constituencies that always vote nationally and so the worst kind of politician can be elected with 'labour' of 'conservative' next to his name. No supreme court, either, because there's no constitution-our 'Bill of Rights' was written centuries ago and it protects politicians. Every other 'western' nation has a 'Freedom of Information Act' but we alone have an 'Official Secrets Act', so if it a civils servant reveals to an elected representative that the government was lying/cheating/killing babies, he can be prosecuted for it. Its like the Presidency and Congress but guaranteed accountability-free, absent of either check or balance.
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