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  1. how about arianna huffington? she can just make fun of arnold for the whole campaign again.
  2. people should be able to say want they want, but without using too much profanity.
  3. it really makes a difference if you use four ads, but only one doesn't really do too much.
  4. not for everyone. i particularly hate it when my momentum goes down suddenly for no reason.
  5. he might me running for governor of california. it'll be the first pair of movie stars running against each other.
  6. that and modifying states are definate ways to win.
  7. you may be right, but she's doing it for a good cause.
  8. i won't be suprised if they do.
  9. mantis is currently 27 posts away from the 10,000 mark. that's truly amazing! let's make it special when he hits the official mark.
  10. i wouldn't mind voting (if i could) for her if she were to run for something out here.
  11. you could always edit the other candidates to make them crappier.
  12. well, it looks like HRC, now principled consevative, will have to start out at 0 again.
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