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  1. dang, it would've been nice to know a little ahead of time, but that's great.
  2. excellent scenario, and very realistic.
  3. that's amazing daniel! i don't want to fill up my email space, i'll surely take some of them when they're avaliable on the official page.
  4. hillary'08

    Good bye!

    thanks saks, i think i needed that.
  5. big difference, general and non-political. do you really check the description for every forum?
  6. it's not like i put it in the political thread, it's in general, where it should be.
  7. has anyone used the my assisstant feature on the top toolbar on your sceen. it's pretty cool.
  8. hillary'08

    Good bye!

    i was talkin about the comback thing.
  9. if i may comment, the california scenario is GREAT!!!
  10. hillary'08

    Good bye!

    man habs, you're like michael jordan.
  11. but if you'e interested in scenarios, many people release them on this forum, so just post your e-mail address on ones that interest you.
  12. sorry to bother you again, but i never got the california scenario. its kdliao@myway.com. thanks a lot!
  13. yeah, but typing up speeches wouldn't work, the computer isn't that smart to tell whether or not its a good speech, in order to do all the momentum stuff.
  14. but that's in a LONG time, at least for a 14 year old kid who feels every year is FOREVER.
  15. so are you gonna use u.k. pm4e to make it or what?
  16. no offense or anything, but it is reagan against carter, and it's not that great of an accomplishment.
  17. i don't understand why this is a issue all of a sudden. did anthony say something about it?
  18. can you please send the california one to me please! kdliao@myway.com thanks a lot sarnstrom
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