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  1. what states do you have king with the most support in? the north or south?
  2. that's interesting, you put king in the game. however, i don't think he ever had intentions to run.
  3. and do you see a sudden need for moderation?
  4. so issues that are important, the one i usually make anyways
  5. even if it's close, it still doesn't make too big of a difference. what kind of ads do you release, matty?
  6. it never makes that big of a difference for me.
  7. i would, but the only thing is that i can't open the picture with photoshop elements.
  8. so now i can't upload a screenshot because imageshack said the file size is too big (1964 kb and it has to be 1024 kb) i dont have a program to resize pictures. anyone wanna help?
  9. and now dennis come up with this... don't be expecting those scenarios
  10. i think there already was a NY governor scenario. i have it on my game, but i don't know who made it.
  11. could you guys sorta explain what you're talking about? is it school governemnt?
  12. not bad, but clinton was a little under-rated.
  13. he might be making some last minute touches. or he might have just forgot. someone should try to send him an e-mail.
  14. second quarter. yeah, info about P4E primaries will be posted soon. last time they said that, well...the new version still hasn't come out.
  15. hillary'08

    Good bye!

    dang, he was kinda late
  16. hillary'08

    The update?

    just like mr. schwarzenegger here in california
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