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  1. it was a hypothetical statement.
  2. and you haven't said things either? and what did i say to offend you so much?
  3. your jokes aren't really funny for some reason.
  4. huh, that's interesting, don't remember it. i guess i'll have to wait for the DVD to come out.
  5. huh, i don't remember that. and there's also that guy during the VP confirmation procedings, wilcox. is he a democrat or republican.
  6. oh yeah, matty, could you send me the electoral trends. i think president allen should only have a couple states in her favor, connecticut and maybe some other new england states.
  7. yeah, but who would it be? no democrat has been featured in the show yet. you can just have a made-up candidate with a 3 rating for everything. you could have warren keaton, who is a democrat, i guess. the republican would definately be nathan templeton, with maybe jane murray as a dark-horse. possible allen VP candidates: warren keaton, rod calloway, jim gardner some pictures for possible candidates:
  8. i would think it would be mostly out of reach, but the game is a bit wacko sometimes.
  9. how did boxer only win by that much? it's her home state.
  10. sounds like a good job. have a good time tony.
  11. yes, on the blue grid please. about the numbers, whatever is easiest for you is fine.
  12. i need help from someone who knows how to make maps. i'm making a scenario for mayor of san jose, where i am right now. i just need someone to modify this map i don't need the highways and names, but i do need the numbers that represent each district to remain. if anyone wants to do it, i would appreciate it tremendously.
  13. oh yeah, i would definately like a copy, kdliao@myway.com
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