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  1. you only really need four parties here in america.
  2. i'm lucky that's never happened to me.
  3. interesting, bush gets impeached.... what's the purple haze scenario about?
  4. couldn't you just not put it on the map as it's own state?
  5. it'll probably just give you some momentum, plus the superdelegates, but i think that's it.
  6. we were just talking about something like this.
  7. that would be GREAT! but maybe you should wiat until the new version comes out.
  8. i honestly don't think sarmstrom is paying very much attention to the board right now. you might want to PM him.
  9. since i already have the game, how much of a discount can i get on president 2000?
  10. will we have to buy the P4E primaries update again, or can be get it for free?
  11. PC, you are such a bandwagon fan. seahawks?
  12. yeah, something like that. i just hope everything isn't too confusing to make scenarios.
  13. i think the dates for every primary will be different, like they are in real life. so iowa could be jan. 21 and new hampshire jan. 28, etc.
  14. i guess that would make a lot of sense, but it might be hard to make the feature. would it automatically choose the running mate when it's convention time?
  15. picture size. when i do it on paint, it just cuts off the other parts of the picture.
  16. so here's a preliminary list: republican: nathan templeton (with jane murray as running mate, her + should be hottness), jim gardner democrat: warren keaton, democratic majority leader indepedant: mackenzie allen (with keaton, calloway, or gardner as V.P.), rod calloway this should be a good start for you matty.
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