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  1. well, daniel claimed that he made all of them, but he didn't send it to anyone. then dennis said he was considering committing suicide. he's posted stuff a couple of times after that, so i'm not really sure what's going on.
  2. but could you find that many different position for every issue?
  3. i can only imagine if there actually was a tie.
  4. someone could probably use the california governor one as a map. hey matty, how'd the commander in chief scenario going?
  5. well, daniel supposedly created a scenario for EVERY US election, but then the whole rumor by dennis came up.
  6. sounds good. the arab league would be great even though i've never heard of it before.
  7. great idea! an NRA endorsment would hurt with anti-gun groups. makes a lot of sense.
  8. i'm assuming the greens are strongest in the northeast and west. right?
  9. that's interesting, richardson vs. mccain, two guys from states next to each other.
  10. and have them all get 1,000 votes in the presidential election? it's too much stuff to fit on the screen. plus, i hate it when i play and someone like david cobb recieves a bunch of endorcements. it's simply not realisitc.
  11. what kind of scenarios? non-american ones?
  12. but i guess that player would also take over the running of the campaign. right dennis?
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