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  1. i think it would be fun to throw in vinick for the republicans as well for the heck of it.
  2. what's it about? sounds kinda interesting.
  3. i don't think there would really be much of a point, unless you do a cobb vs. nader for the greens.
  4. i think it'll be in the general election if you want. please don't tell me you support them.
  5. here's a good site with both of their platforms: http://www.footnote.tv/ftvwwcampaignguide.html
  6. are we going to be able to play as a VP?
  7. wow, yesterday's episode was pretty stressful with the 5 states a day and also toby's indicment.
  8. actually, the funny thing about that picture with josh standing next to the board is that he's blocking california, which will detirmine who wins the election.
  9. really? i typed it right. kdliao@myway.com or try liberaldem537@yahoo.com
  10. but also look at this pic. http://westwing.bewarne.com/seventh/images...iN05funeral.jpg it would make sense to have the winner carry the coffin.
  11. donald trump on the issues: http://www.issues2000.org/Donald_Trump.htm
  12. are they going to make an offical 80soft scenario for 2008? i gues they would have to, and constant updates would be released as news changes the political atmosphere.
  13. yeah, that sounds cool. in fact, i was just wondering of some ways to make election night more exciting. recounts?
  14. you checked all the ones on the 80soft website, right?
  15. but for some organizations, like the NRA, you already know who's gonna win the endorsment. anyways, i don't think many voters are influenced by endorsers very much.
  16. it might have been too similar to another scenario, like what tony said before.
  17. people are eagar. i am too to be honest.
  18. thanks tony. keep us in touch whenever the screenshots get released.
  19. i know where to get pictures, but i don't know how to resize them. maybe saks could help with that.
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