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  1. i beat dubya as john kerry by winning all the gore states plus ohio, virginia, and flordia also i beat dubya in the scenario "the return of clinton" 468 to 70 clinton got 56% of the pop. vote
  2. i agree the electoral vote really messes it up since the popular vote is what really counts
  3. YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! i beat bush once as kerry by winning all of the gore states plus ohio, florida, and virginia
  4. thanks guys, but how do i post a screenshot? i can't seem to copy and paste it.
  5. i played clinton vs. dubya in "the return of clinton" 2008 scenario the results were: clinton 59% (87,755,162) 532 bush 40% (58,733,924) 15 i had 496 momentum on the last day
  6. i think its pretty good, but there is a problem. when i won with gray davis, it said there was a tie and the house of rep. elected tom mcclintock
  7. its depends for example, when i played as zell miller in the "top dogs" senario, his homestate of georgia didn't change at all for dennis kucinich, it can give his home state of ohio to the democrats, as well as its crucial 20 evs
  8. dang, you that conservative and make the demos actually have a chance p.s. you forget dennis kucinich on your list of candidates
  9. sorry, i'm kinda new to this stuff. how do i save a screenshot? i've tried to right-click it, but nothing happens
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