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  1. l means left cl=center left c=center cr=center right Abortion-l Affirmative Action-cl Balanced Budget-c Business Tax-cr Campaign Finance Reform-cl Ecology-l Education-l Free Trade-cl Gun Control-cl Same-Sex Marriage-l Immigration-cl Military Funding-cl Military Intervention-cl Personal Tax-cl Public Health Care-l Renewable Energy-l Social Security-l Terrorism-c
  2. wait...aren't the democrats supposed to be in blue?
  3. it was awesome cause i can kick dubya's a@# as clinton
  4. i've always been interested what would happen if perot didn't drop out can't wait to play it
  5. hey, have a question: do you actually reasearch the platform positions for each candidate you make on your scenarios?
  6. Hardrightconservative since he makes the fairist scenarios and puts hard work into it
  7. agreed i can never win nevada or new mexico at the end If Bill Richardson is the Democratic running mate the Dems usually pull New Mexico. not with me, especially when i play against arnold
  8. i like some republicans like rudy guliani and arnold some of the best presidents were republicans; abe and teddy
  9. hey, if nobody likes bush in the world, (which nobody should) he can just be a really weak candidate, right?
  10. WOW!!!!!! was dynamism on? usually when i play as mondale, i win 50 evs
  11. won't an iraqi election be cool it could be al zarcawi (the terrorist) vs. the incumbent, i forgot his name also, a saddam vs. osama would be awesome
  12. you republicans don't even like zell miller?
  13. agreed i can never win nevada or new mexico at the end
  14. good point how did you win indiana? i've never done that
  15. how much did clark loose by in CA? how come he couldn't win his home state of arkansas? how close was it?
  16. someone should make a scenario where you take the leaders of some major countries and sort them into parties according to their political stances (ex. one party could be full of liberals and the other right-wingers) each section of the world would have a certain amount of electoral votes sound interesting?
  17. hillary'08


    top dogs is definately the best since it has the most candidates and it acctually gives the democrats a chance to win unlike other scenarios
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