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  1. running ads at the end is not a trick, jst good strategy
  2. e-mail the people at 80soft at contact page they can probably help you
  3. wow! you won as truman, harding, and carter by that much? great job
  4. RECOUNT!!!! do it the right way, like the washington governor's race
  5. 1984 for reagan is real easy
  6. the power of perot was not as good as i thought it would be
  7. for #1, you can change the scenario to make it longer
  8. thats unconstitutional? i didnt know that i need to read the constitution again!!!
  9. great job hrc, though it seems really hard to win while playing with all four candidates without going into congress
  10. yeah, but he wasnt leading by that much plus, his party establisment is at 5, not 4
  11. WOW!!! an unlikely win! how does castro have an advantage in congress?
  12. i don't know why gephardt is leading the 2004 caucas
  13. was this 2000 or 2004? it looks like nader stole the election again, huh?
  14. flordia was much closer in 2000 than in your game
  15. vermont is a pretty liberal state i won it as mccain once
  16. not really that close cause i always look at the electoral vote
  17. man, you let ritchie win all of the swing states!!! if you won those states, the ev count would have been 505-33!!!!
  18. you shuold make nyc very liberal 4 out of every five people in nyc are democrats westchester county should be leaning democratic
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