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  1. hey hrc, i just noticed in our update that you managed to fit the entire word "schwarzenegger" for arnold how did you do that? by the way, u forgot to include lincoln chafee and mark warner in the scenario
  2. i've won vermont and connecticut with mccain but lost the election
  3. it's a frekin waste of time for matty
  4. wow!!! all you guys are so good!!
  5. they all sound pretty cool, escpecially the war in iraq one
  6. which scenario is this? great job, by the way, myke!
  7. well, it seems hard for me to win florida by the way, hrc, are you gonna make the lord of the rings scenario?
  8. i tried the routledge book. i was okay, but some of the stuff was wrong for example, it had gore winning west virginia in 2000, whats up with that?
  9. hey, try posting the 1964 scenario, its a creative one
  10. i lost new mexico by 125 votes IT SUCKED!!!!
  11. why are states like florida so republican? bush only won by two points in this years election
  12. by the way, why are the democrats red and republicans blue?
  13. thats going to be hard a map i found is on http://www.supershadow.com/starwars/map.html
  14. Regionalism: On Spies: On Fog of War: Off Economy: On Dynamism: Off i make lots of foot soldiers
  15. hillary'08


    Vegeta has over 4000 posts, you cant really beat that do you and hrc even have jobs or school?
  16. you can play games at school? what school are you in?
  17. why don't you send it to 80soft so they can post it
  18. you could make one during episode II and one for return of the jedi candidates for episode ii: republic: palpatine sen. amidala jar jar binks bail organa yoda mace windu obi-wan sepritists: count dooku nute gunray geneosian dude always next to count dooku darth sidious for the return of the jedi: empire: emperor darth vader captain of the death star tarkin rebel alliance: mon montha fish guy han solo luke skywalker leia chewbecca lando just some ideas for ya i try to make up some issues
  19. Name: Kevin Liao Title: Gov. Homestate: Ka-li-for-ni-a Age: 13 Sex: Male Party:Democratic Picture: use anything Platform: Abortion: Left Affirmative action: Center-Left Balanced budget: Center Business tax: Center-right Campaign finance reform: Center-Left Ecology: Left Education: Left Free trade: Center-left Gun control: Center-left Same-sex marriage: Left Immigration: Center-Left Military funding: Center-Left Military intervention: Center-Left Personal tax: Center-Left Public health care: Left Renewable energy: Left Social security: Left Terrorism: Center Candidat
  20. but you were leading minnesota on the last day how could that deside it? there were no swing states on the last day? wow
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