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  1. nice reply hrc thats how you have 4000 posts, huh
  2. i known that, but i cant find where thats why i want to email it to somebody
  3. when i try to play, it says bad number of blocks for this region in txt file and '@' is not a valid integer value if you can help, please tell me what is wrong! thanks
  4. i'm making a 2008 scenario in which kerry is running for re-election there's a problem though, i cant play it correctly since there are some errors, but i cant figure out what can i email it to somebody so you can try to fig the bugs? dont change anything else thanks
  5. huh, never happened to me do you have a screenshot for it?
  6. what are you expecting for the u.k. prime minister forever?
  7. great job, although i have never beaten reagan!
  8. ive won with clinton in this scenario, 519-19
  9. true, but this odesnt have to be real, remember? it would be fun, she would be charisma +1, i think
  10. yeah, probably which scenario where you playing? i have a friend with a whole bunch family in wyoming, theyre all democrats weird, huh?
  11. i beat bush with clinton in the return of clinton scenario 519-19, my best so far
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