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  1. ok, i was just wondering i checked it over a couple times myself
  2. who cares? the e.v. are what matters i played the 2004 scenario in which nader got 15% of the pop. vote, but no electoral votes
  3. go to the main page of the forum and look at the bottom
  4. how can the record be 440 on the board at the same time when we only have 338 board members
  5. thanks, but how do i send everything in a specific folder, i can only send specific documents
  6. help!!! somebody help me i you can, hrc, its just if you want to your the master of scenarios, man
  7. the map is the hardest thing to make middle earth is a complicated place
  8. i lost new hampshire to arnold by 10 votes
  9. i've already told some of my friends, but i'll try to spread the word out even more
  10. yeah, it would be nice to have the whole conversation on the same screen
  11. both the world war II and iraqi election sounds great the only thing about iraq is that there are so amny canidates
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