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  1. i'll get it to you guys ASAP. the problem is that i'm making the scenario on my computer in my room, but i don't have internet service on it.
  2. and it looks like other people agree.
  3. that seems like a lot for him, though
  4. i think 2000 would make sense due to how close it was and since it was pretty recent.
  5. ok thanks i've done a lot of the stuff for the scenario. anyone interested can post their email. screenshots will be coming soon.
  6. it would probably just be possible canidates
  7. but how do you get it the exact size the P4E scenarios need?
  8. another thing about third parties: it would be a lot better if they had a lot less of a chance to win endorsments as the democrats and GOP.
  9. i'm gonna start on this scenario soon. i just need someone to help adjust the pictures to fit the 101x101 the game needs.
  10. well now it seems very obvious that vinick would run in 2010.
  11. thank you guys for backing up the truth.
  12. are there even 32 parties in america?
  13. edited stuff has to be approved by the wikipedia staff. so if the changes weren't true, they couldn't be posted. however, he probably didn't even change it.
  14. i'm suprised this guy likes FDR.
  15. ohhhh....you guys are talking about the game! i thought you meant in real life. in that case, no, i've never had a bad interview.
  16. i haven't even had an interview yet.
  17. i think this guy needs to go to some kind of a mental facitity or something.
  18. whoever's listed first? so in most cases, the republicans?
  19. yeah dude, it's starting to piss me off.
  20. also, now that i think of it, there could be an interesting 2010 scenario if vinick had won. santos would probably be a front runner, with a lot of those other guys as well.
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