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  1. when there is a mistake, this weird shot always comes up, don't know why though
  2. hillary'08


    well, obviously!
  3. hillary'08


    americans are pretty stupid about forign stuff most of the time
  4. hillary'08


    in specific provinces, you campaign for seats in that distict, not popular vote in p4e
  5. they would all enhance the game, thats for sure
  6. did you really need to make another thread? you could have just continued with the first one
  7. not necessarily. this is a great idea to make p4e much more detailed in terms of campaign options
  8. it almost impossible to win without dynamism as nader
  9. i know, where the heck is he? But I"ll do it myself: Locked
  10. u are probably a secret moderator or something like that
  11. that'll be great! a couple states like virginia were up for grabs when they shouldn't have been
  12. yeah, it would be cool if u could play as america using the popular vote
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