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  1. hillary'08


    u din't figure it out yet?
  2. your defination of "beautiful" has to be re-established
  3. hillary'08


    usually board counts aren't very accurate
  4. yeah, paypal is awesome
  5. hillary'08


    wait, how did you find this forum when you, never yes, weren't a member yet?
  6. shows how smart you are
  7. i hate flood control. is it really neccesary?
  8. not really suprising though
  9. well, they were talkin about the republican primaries.
  10. could you send it to me? kdliao@myway.com thanks
  11. wow, i thought the race for #1 was closer. well, hrc and mantis, keep tuggin away at vegeta's lead!
  12. hey habsfan, how's u get that love symbol on your title?
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