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  1. that's true, hrc. you had to fit so many states and provinces, but unfortunately, all of them are so small now. however, i still think it is one of the better scenarios you have made.
  2. yeah, it would be cool, but not really necessary.
  3. yeah, this would be great. also, you should be able to hire or fire campaign managers and PR people.
  4. yeah, but everyone makes grammar mistakes on this board, so it doesn't really matter.
  5. this isn't a grammar class here
  6. most of the sites he gave you are from wikipedia.com, the best online encyclopdia.
  7. fool? he's a cool guy except for his political views.
  8. i would love to try it out since I've been waiting so long for an Iraq scenario to be realeased. my e-mail address is kdliao@myway.com. send it asap please! thanks!
  9. since i don't have the game, i wanna see some screenshots.
  10. it's in the base gallery, so its not that interesting
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