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  1. 1976 would be great because of the close race. ford vs. reagan! wow!
  2. wat's up with your avatar, pellikan? i don't get it
  3. let's just say that would be an interesting platform.
  4. prime minister forever is the offical name for the three versions, uk, canada, and australia.
  5. stp whining. if u really hate 80soft, don't play the game and stop osting on this board.
  6. that's great for you vegeta
  7. Since matty doesn't post anymore, why doesn't anthony make someone else a moderator? don't you guys think this is a good idea?
  8. once again, wrong forum, but our of this list, guliani is my favorite choice since he is moderate and has some common sense, which the others on this list don't have.
  9. no, i didn't. can you helf to find it? i'll send it if you want.
  10. oh, sorry. there used to be a guy named matty, but he doesn't post anything anymore.
  11. very interesting to say the least.
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