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  1. yeah, when that happens, it makes the game so frustrating and it seems impossible to win.
  2. you could also send it to 80soft, they may be able to help.
  3. ok, sorry. i just don't think he has ANY chance to win in '08.
  4. yes it was close, but you weren't even one of the people contending for the win!
  5. yes, china does a lot of plain BAD things.
  6. well mantis, you're getting awfully close to 6000 posts now.
  7. what about HRC and mantis? and keyes? he hasn't posted much recently.
  8. WOW!!! the popular vote was close, but the electoral was a blowout!
  9. something else: bush is a 2 on debating. what's up with that? he should definately be a 1.
  10. west wing has been moved to sunday night at 8. any thoughts? i think its great becuase it used to be on wednesday at 9 (i think) and i usually don't have much TV time on weekdays being a busy junior high student. now, i am definately going to watch it.
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