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  1. could i have 1824 please? i did a huge project on henry clay, so it'll be fun playing that.
  2. it came with one of the PM4E games.
  3. that was a long time ago, but since I don't really like keyes, i voted for you guys
  4. what about a new P4E update? who really cares about germany?
  5. you got a little bit. everyone chipped in.
  6. well, i think most of these scenarios were made by a rushed johnny.
  7. hey hrc, how's the united north and south america scenario going? do you have a general idea of when it will be done?
  8. please send it to kdliao@myway.com by the way, thanks for putting my name on the scenario! i am so honored!
  9. that is interesting considering how conservative he was.
  10. by the way, alex, what scenario is "Japanese Diet 2003?" what is it about?
  11. remind me matty, who were the candidates for each party in 1964?
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