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  1. to be honest, no one cares who has how many posts and what pace they're going at.
  2. you can just put chirac, shroder, and putin if you wanted to make it simple.
  3. dang, i really wanted to see a commander in chief scenario. why didn't it work? it would also help if we knew more about presient bridges, so he could actually run against templton.
  4. well, hopefully a new P4E comes out with all this stuff.
  5. yoyo, you're from santa clara! a fellow bay area person. you can now join hippie and me.
  6. how many states did you start out with?
  7. that's really nice, but they're not ad cheats, just a good stratagy.
  8. hillary'08

    New Scenerios

    it would be cool if someone started a scenario page with scenario that didn't need to be approved by 80soft.
  9. that's cool. think of it, mantis, over 8000 posts in a year! wow!
  10. that's all? i always do that....
  11. the counter on fourms is always inaccurate, so i don't know why we're even discussing something this rediculous.
  12. you got a very decent point, texasyojimbo.
  13. the counters on all forums are messed up, trust me. it's not 80soft, you dumbass.
  14. hillary'08


    hey likinpark, welcome back!
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