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  1. and having a guy host the show (wolf blitzer, etc.) and announcing results would be awesome
  2. i guess that would make a lot of sense, but it might be hard to make the feature. would it automatically choose the running mate when it's convention time?
  3. no offense or anything, but it is reagan against carter, and it's not that great of an accomplishment.
  4. that's really nice, but they're not ad cheats, just a good stratagy.
  5. that's all? i always do that....
  6. you got a very decent point, texasyojimbo.
  7. since i don't have the game, i wanna see some screenshots.
  8. your defination of "beautiful" has to be re-established
  9. not really suprising though
  10. no, they are allowed. btw, why is it not real?
  11. winnning as mondale is ALWAYS impressive
  12. ive won with clinton in this scenario, 519-19
  13. wait...aren't the democrats supposed to be in blue?
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