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  1. how do things like that get organized? is it the FCC's decision?
  2. south carolina should help him as well. didn't nevada jump up significantly? i don't remember them being so early.
  3. that's cool that you can plan activities for the upcoming week. what's up with the CP's? are they changable now?
  4. this should help: http://www.issues2000.org/default.htm
  5. http://80soft.ipbhost.com/index.php?showto...5876entry5876
  6. president? wouldn't it would PM? sorry, that's a stupid question, but please answer is anyways.
  7. the intern? all you really have to do it go to wikipedia.
  8. funny, that guy's username is bringbackclinton01
  9. what's unity08? i remember a thread about it, but don't remember reading it.
  10. i don't really mind the primary one not being out yet, but the congressional elections are only about four months away.
  11. and having a guy host the show (wolf blitzer, etc.) and announcing results would be awesome
  12. another thing that i would like to see is crusaders. it's pretty ludricrous to have to get the candidate's wife to campaign for them.
  13. hillary'08


    the name of the scenario you type in has to be exactly the same as the name of the folder that contains the scenario. in your case, make spaces between Global President 2006.
  14. SCREENSHOTS!!! first day: (i was playing as nolan so that the actual race would be fair) final day: election day: (republicans have the house, templeton wins) and here's another one i played between keaton and templeton only:
  15. i've never even get got to election night on that game. it's just so boring.
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