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  1. how do things like that get organized? is it the FCC's decision?
  2. south carolina should help him as well. didn't nevada jump up significantly? i don't remember them being so early.
  3. that's cool that you can plan activities for the upcoming week. what's up with the CP's? are they changable now?
  4. this should help: http://www.issues2000.org/default.htm
  5. http://80soft.ipbhost.com/index.php?showto...5876entry5876
  6. president? wouldn't it would PM? sorry, that's a stupid question, but please answer is anyways.
  7. the intern? all you really have to do it go to wikipedia.
  8. funny, that guy's username is bringbackclinton01
  9. what's unity08? i remember a thread about it, but don't remember reading it.
  10. i don't really mind the primary one not being out yet, but the congressional elections are only about four months away.
  11. and having a guy host the show (wolf blitzer, etc.) and announcing results would be awesome
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