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  1. Whenever someone gets a copy send it to me please. Gurlakis2003@aol.com
  2. Can someone create a really in-depth Florida scenario, with all the counties? I tried and it just isn't working.....
  3. I saved the scenario when it hits the bug, note that this only occurs when I start with Primaries. When I begin straight with the election it doesn't happen. How can I zip this file and send it to you 80 soft.
  4. No, but I'll try to play again and recreate the occurrence.
  5. Ok at certain points in the game it just freezes and this bug comes up: List Index Out of Bounds (-1) and then if I click ok another popup comes up which says: Error in adBox::getNumAdMaking it continues and I have to shut down the game totally I have not had a chance to play a whole game at all, since this last update.
  6. I live in New York City if Bloomberg were to run it would be under the title Independent.....
  7. ^^Same thing happening with the scandals.
  8. I locked up the nomination very early, much earlier than Kerry. They had a divided convention I had all the delegates locked up. Then I entered the General running behind in every state but South Dakota.
  9. After the primaries which I lock up for the GOP I enter the General losing by 500 electoral votes. I don't understand what is happening and why? Thoughts.....
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