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    Halliston 1998

    If you'd like to try, be my guest. I don't think I have the time to be involved long-term, though. :-/
  2. Myke

    Halliston 1998

    Halliston's politics used to be the most boring in America: the Civic Party, thanks to competence, talent, and an entrenched machine, have run the city uninterrupted since the 50s. However, over the last decade, things have started to go wrong. At first, there were just just minor scandals--lost documents, indiscreet officials, and corruption within the machine. However, two weeks ago, a scandal emerged that rocked the government: millions of dollars have gone missing, civil servants are dipping into petty cash for thousand-dollar vacations, a school has collapsed due to poor maintenance, and the deputy mayor has fled to Mexico to escape charges of conspiracy and embezzlement. The traditionally-tiny Conservative and Social Democratic parties saw a huge surge off these developments, and a group of Civic councillors have broken off to form the League of Electors. This election will decide the fate of the city: can the incumbent mayor convince the population he's ready for change, or will the opposition end fifty years of Civic rule? Download This campaign is available in two flavours: a short two-week campaign, and a longer month-long one. You can download both of them here. Background -- Parties The Civic Party have run the city since 1952, without interruption. Broadly competent, broadly popular, broadly moderate and slightly corrupt, despite these scandals, their machine is still the strongest. Mayor French has decided to stay on, hoping to convince the people of Halliston that he can bring the changes necessary to regain their trust. Will he be successful? The League of Electors are a group who broke off of the Civic caucus after the deputy mayor incident. Most of them are formerly backbenchers (if they were councillors at all), so they aren't particularly experienced, but they have attracted a lot of attention in certain circles, and may just seize the Civic throne. They are led by Ken Money, a councillor. The Social Democratic Party ("The Sodees") have historically stood for very left-wing principles--and as such, they've been limited to a few downtown ridings at best. However, with the scandals shaking the Civics, can they branch out into the inner suburbs, and perhaps cobble together a large enough caucus to form a government? Julie Pringle, a young councillor, has led the Sodees for the last six years. The Conservative Party emerged from Republican voters in a town that was forcefully amalgamated into Halliston in the late 80s. In a city dominated by moderates, the Conservatives are in an excellent position to eat the Civics' lunch in the centrist-right inner suburbs and maybe even crack the outer downtown. Amy Larkin is a veteran councillor who has a well-earned reputation for being incorruptible. Background -- Geography Until the 1970s, Halliston was a relatively small city on the side of a lake. However, by 1985, Halliston had begun a process of amalgamation that drove it north: not only did it take over its suburbs, but a number of hamlets and villages were sucked in, too. As a result of this process, Halliston also acquired the series of islands located about 20-30 minutes away by ferry. Rule of thumb: as you get further away from Halliston Center, you get more conservative. This covers most of the city. There are some exceptions, however: - The minor islands are isolated from the rest of the city, and the Civic machine is still running strong. - Port Island is dominated by artists and the creative industry, and is a lock for the Social Democrats. Most of the city is decidedly in-play: - Halliston Center is where the Sodees and League of Electors battle it out. All of these seats are competitive, and it's very likely to be a sweep for one party or the other. The Civic party can also do well here if conditions are right. - West Halliston & East Halliston are inner-city residential areas where the League of Electors is performing well--however, historically the Civic Party had their strongholds here, and they may experience a resurgence yet. - North Halliston has chunks of all its neighboring regions, and each party has several competitive seats here. - Lorraine and Gaspard contain the suburbs and office parks that prefer competence over ideology--Civic advantage, but the Conservatives and League can both do well here. - New Albion and Wright contain the outer suburbs and a good deal of bitterness at being forcefully amalgamated into the city a decade ago. The Conservatives do well here, but the Civics can win, too.
  3. - I somehow managed to eke out the gubernatorial endorsements in Utah and Texas (still not sure how, but... heh, can't complain) - I had my veep run a "spoke wheel" campaign around Wyoming, which apparantly worked (Barbara Boxer, if it matters) - I had Hillary focus on the "big states", in particular ones I didn't think I'd be able to win. (I ran with the assumption that if I could make big gains in places like Texas, Indiana, Tennessee, etc, then I could force Giuliani to play catch-up in those areas while I neutralized his gains on my home turf. Evidently, it worked!)
  4. Myke

    P4EP Bug

    I'm having a lot of trouble here. Even if I win the nomination, as soon as it flips into presidential mode... I have negative cash. It happens with unmodified files, it happens if I give myself a million bajillion dollars to begin with. I can literally have 800 million in the bank before the convention, go into the convention, win, and the next morning be a billion dollars in debt, even though I'm not running any ads. Guh?
  5. How: Momentum and targeting. I played against the AI Liberal and Conservative by working at their strongholds (Ontario and Alberta) respectively. The Liberal AI caught onto me, and actually won the popular vote in Ontario, however, I beat him on seat count. (The seats he won were the ones I didn't target, so he won them by huge margins. Most of the ones the NDP won were on tight little margins, but wins nonetheless.) Atlantic Canada was where I started and puffed up momentum. The parties never bothered to recover there, although I did lose seats in BC as the Conservatives focussed there. (Not that I minded, because I made up the difference in Alberta.) Notes: - Quebec turned out to be a province of 4-way marginals. In almost every seat, the winner was no more than 10 points ahead of the 4th party. In one case, there was a three-way percentage tie. (The difference between first and third was less than half a point, so it didn't round it.) - I can't explain the North. I guess it just liked my national ads.
  6. Smallest majority ever: two votes. (Bearing in mind that, while there is a 4-vote difference statistically, if just two voters changed Republican to Democrat, the balance would have shifted.)
  7. Myke


    How I did it: 1) Let Mulroney and Turner bicker over BC/Ontario/Quebec and built up my campaign in PEI, NF, and Alberta. I temporarily gave up a few seats in rural Ontario and BC to do this, but I won them back on momentum. 2) Go for endorsements. Harrrrrrd. And scale up my machine appropiately; when I've managed to get myself endorsed by the Quebec unions, step up the Quebec campaign. When TorStar wants to go for me, start targeting seats in the GTA. And so on. 3) Ride the momentum and do well at debates, while Mulroney and Turner keep bickering. (I guess I got lucky; almost all of their ads seemed to be Turner Attacks Mulroney or Mulroney Attacks Turner. All I ran was Broadbent Promotes Broadbent, and my momentum soared while theirs were almost always in the negatives.) 4) Ride the HQ morale for all it's worth, and stop even caring about energy and gaffes. 5) Finish the campaign in all the places the NDP isn't supposed to win. (This is how I swung ridings in places like rural Alberta and Newfoundland.... I already had a strong base there from how I played my cards in the early game, so I just had to swing through and capitalize it on the way out, when I already had Ontario/BC/Saskatchewan sewn up.) For those who want to know, the ridings I lost: - Renfrew, Ontario (Huh? Confused me, too.) - Charlevoix, Quebec (Mulroney's seat.) - Mount Royal, Quebec (Because NOBODY saw that one coming.) - Glengarry-Prescott-Russel, Ontario (Don Boudria was quite bulletproof until 2006.) I won every single other seat No modifications at all.
  8. Maybe even allowing us to specify things that directly affect the game mechanics. For example, Howard Dean could be able to fundraise 30% better than the other candidates, but would lose more momentum. Hillary Clinton could get very good initial polling, but be totally unable to break into even the most squishy segments of the Republican vote. George Bush could be more likely to make gaffes, but have an easier time spinning the news. etc. etc. etc.
  9. It's amazing what you can do if you turn on Aussie preferences in the BC scenario (I also added a token Green candidate to every riding, but I set them to be polling at 1% and with two stars) Notes: - Carr swept Peace River - Gordo lost his own seat (To the Greens! ) - Carr only won the Fraser by one seat (and 7%)
  10. Myself, I think a national popular vote victory would be more of a boon than anything else, but keeping seperate regions for campaigning purposes. (Example: In a mayor's race, the overall vote total chooses the winner, but you can campaign in Downtown, Uptown, West Side, The Islands, etc. and each region has it's own polls)
  11. You do know that having you bitch at them to do it quicker probably demoralizes them more than it makes them work harder, right?
  12. Myke

    80Soft Request

    Yes there is. Just open it in a text editor with a multiple line search-replace function, and have find and replace every time it says "@end_riding" with Party Name -1 Candidate Name 2 0 @end_riding Then edit the ridings you run in as required.
  13. It might have to do with the turnout calculation... But you said poll, not vote, so that can't be it.
  14. But the UN logo was ugleeeeeeee... Surely a scale would be more suitable for the moderates? http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v395/myke/green.bmp (Light green) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v395/myke/africa.bmp (Brown) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v395/myke/christian.bmp (Light blue)
  15. Myke


    We're magical!
  16. I don't like how these came out, but at least they're consistant... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v395/myk...ialdemocrat.bmp http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v395/myke/liberal.bmp http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v395/myke/conservative.bmp http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v395/myke/islam.bmp I especially dislike the Liberal and Social Democrat ones. Advice?
  17. *cough*Martin likes Child Pornography*cough*
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    Ignore me... s'weird, but it's working now. (Maybe I put in an extra zero somewhere or something. *shrug*)
  19. Myke


    If you turn on preference voting, the game doesn't run. I call bug
  20. Isn't that kind of Integrity?
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    Mine's bigger than yours is
  22. Myke


    Mantis, the post in question was made in October.
  23. Myke

    Online play?

    Nope. And you don't intend to purchase it... If you did intend to purchase it, you wouldn't have tried to mooch a copy off me earlier.
  24. Yes, because stupid bickering always leads to productive discussion
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