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  1. What was the result in DC?
  2. As my music teacher likes to say, Booya Grandma
  3. That actually wouldn't be too bad... States/ridings/whatever with high populations and close polling numbers might be delayed for recounts, which would definetly add to the suspense when Florida and Ohio roll around.
  4. I've got a handful... - DEBATES! - Multiple balloting systems within the same package. (Right now, if you want IRV, you need the Australian one, if you want Ridings, you want the Canadian one, etc. If they could umbrella these, it would make it much easier.) - More than 4 parties - More than 4 colours - Voter Turnout as a factor... If more Democrats than Republicans get to the polls, etc. - Along with voter turnout, Get Out The Vote operations - Block Voting... National groups that are influenced as a group, but distributed among several regions in varying levels ("The Black Vote", "The
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