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  1. Okay, so you started a contest and nominated your own scenario...interesting.
  2. If you'd like, I have a map for two other New Jersey scenarios that I've been considering sending to TheorySpark (NJ 2001 and NJ 2005). Let me know if you'd like it and I'll send it to you.
  3. You need to make sure that the lines are completely solid. If you're using MSPaint to make the map, zoom in to get a closer look. One thing I do whenever I have a map that I copy from the internet is go over all the lines myself in paint with one of the larger brushes so that the lines are all solid and bold.
  4. I was Romney, and this is probably my best result in the standard 2008 scenario (the only things I changed were some of the candidate pictures) : And for this one I was Thompson, got the nomination by one delegate:
  5. Bond, I have three questions for you: Can you read? Do you know how to go to the page with all of these scenarios you keep pestering us for? Can you take a hint? Just wondering.
  6. Doh! I clicked on the wrong option. I meant to hit "yes" but hit "no" instead. Ban him, he's annoying.
  7. Mike Pence and Newt Gingrich should both be candidates for the Republican side.
  8. Or maybe no one takes you seriously because you're a spammer. To make matters worse, you aren't even a good one since you obviously made yourself two usernames (bond72 and bond73). Go away.
  9. I'm not so sure it is more than one person. I think MichaelM/The Big M/Demosock created a bunch of other accounts and is spamming the board. He's done it before after all. If they could ban his IP address, that would probably solve the problem.
  10. I'm at work right now, but will send one to each of you when I get home.
  11. I have e-mailed copies of both to each of you. Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions or other comments. Enjoy! Good question. It was actually a bit of a strange process, but I was able to come up with a system that (in about 30 test runs of each scenario) has only resulted in a differene between the popular winner and the electoral winner once. First, I divided the state into counties (this works well for New Jersey, since there are only 21. For a bigger state like Texas or California though, you might want to use congressional districts instead...unless you are really bored). Then I went to the New Jersey Division of Elections website and looked at the 2001 election results. I took the number of votes cast in each county and divided it by 1,000. This number was what I used for the electoral votes for each county. I did the same for Democratic and Republican primary delegates. Alternatively, you could just use the county population as your starting point rather than the number of votes cast, but I thought that using the latter better represented the electoral value of each county. Hope that helps!
  12. A few years ago I made two New Jersey scenarios for the original President Forever, and since then I've updated them for the new game with primary races and other improvements. Here are some screenshots of 2001. First, the Republican Primary: And the general election: And now the 2005 Republican primary: And the 2005 general election: Both of these elections are uphill battles for the Republican side, with 2001 being nearly impossible (though I did win once as Schundler). If you'd like a copy of one or both, let me know in this thread and I'll e-mail them to you.
  13. There's actually some precedent for this: http://www.theonion.com/content/node/30591
  14. I disagree on the nation-building position. From reading his books and columns, I would have to go with the far-right position.
  15. I'm making a 2001 New Jersey Governor scenario and everything seems fine, except that at the very start of election night I get an error message that says "Invalid argument to time encode." Any ideas?
  16. I'll take a ballot initiative passed by a majority (sometimes an overwhelming one) of the voters over the opinion of an unelected activist judge any day. And using terms like "fascist" to apply to groups that you oppose who are most certainly not so is uncalled for. I'd have to doubt the results of that study, especially since there simply aren't as many supporters of SSM in this country as opponents. I suppose intensity could be a factor. I could really care less about the effects of the ballot measures on the partisan elections though, since I think they're good enough on their own to warrant passage.
  17. 1964 would be another good one on the Republican side. Not a very entertaining general election obviously, but the primary was a pivotal one for the GOP.
  18. Not to mention that those have 18 Senators altogether. Nothing to sneeze at.
  19. PCalder, the problem with what you're saying is that you seem to think that it was conservatism that cost the Republicans their majorities this year. If anything, I would say it was a failure to govern as conservatives. I mean, the Republicans ran up a huge deficit by failing to cut spending, added the largest new entitlement program since the Great Society, failed to secure the border, and the President tried to appoint a moderate to the Supreme Court. The party tried to move to the center (or even center-left on many issues) and it got creamed. If you want further proof, just look at the '06 elections. On the Democratic side, those Dems who ran as conservatives were the most successful while those who ran as liberals tended to be less so. At the same time, the conservative Republicans (Study Committee) took very few casualties while the moderates (Mainstreet Partnership) were decimated. Conservatives need to be satisfied with the nominee and are even more important than moderates in running a winning campaign. Why? Because the moderates aren't generally as passionate about politics as the conservatives are. Conservatives provide the activist muscle that campaigns need because the people who are less fired up about the party don't generally work the phones or stuff the letters. Mark my words, if the Republicans try to move to the center and nominate a liberal like Giuliani or a maverick like McCain or even Mitt Romney, they will lose big in '08. The base is already angry and will launch a full revolt if the party ignores them again.
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