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  1. Actually, you don't have to - just don't list it in any of the files that list party names. Idea - does you electorate trends have 1 too many parties (ex. it says you have 12 parties but you only have 11)?
  2. Do you have another party that would go after Independents? Because I don't know many parties called '1'.
  3. Well, there's already a feautre like that in PMF Canada that allows you to do something like that - at the bottom of the candidate file, you put in the region name and how much of a boost the candidate gives for the party in that region. I'm sure they'll integrate into PF 2008.
  4. I doesn't matter what the candidates name is if the party isn't running. Just remove the party from that riding and that should be it.
  5. Apparently, you only need to alter the scenario file, but it would be better to alter the electorate_trends, regions_candidates_running, and the actual party file all at the same time.
  6. You have to put it in the main folder with the .exe file and stuff, not in the scenario folder - just like the scenario checker.
  7. What I do is this: 1. Make a copy of ridings_data 2. Open the original 3. Remove all but one riding from a region, on region at a time. I check the game in-between each region. 4. Once you find which region it is, put half of the ridings back in. If it doesn't happen, put a few more in. It's pretty much process of elimination.
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